Customer Service for House Cleaners

Customer service is a challenge when you don’t set professional boundaries with clients. There is a fine line of serving and being taken advantage of. Learn how to  be friendly without allowing your clients to get too comfortable. Learn how to create your schedule so it serves you and your clients.

  1. Client Privilege
  2. Working Around Pets
  3. Cameras & Home Security
  4. Gift Giving
  5. Scheduling
  6. House Cleaning Emergencies
  7. Calling in Sick
  8. Travel & Time Off
  9. Working Around Children
  10. Handling Complaints
  11. Satisfaction Guarantee
  12. Working with the Elderly


Customer service is a must for any business – but it’s where most house cleaners fall apart. Many house cleaners and maids don’t know how to set professional boundaries with clients and they get pushed around and taken advantage of. Here you will learn how to be friendly without allowing your clients to get too comfortable. Learn how to create your schedule so it serves you and your clients. Learn how to manage house cleaning emergencies.

SCCS401 Client Privilege, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner   

Customer Service with Client Privilege

Part of your branding is how your cleaning clients feel about you. Do they like you? And do they trust you with their secrets? Here’s what you need to know about client confidentiality – it can make or break your business.

 SCCS402 Working Around Pets, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Customer Service – Working Around Pets

Are you allergic to pets? Many house cleaners are. 63% – 90% of cleaning clients have household pets. Here are some tips to help you survive the bloodshot eyes and stuffy nose.

 SCCS403 Cameras, Home Security, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Cameras & Home Security

People take their home security very seriously and you should too. Learn how to protect house keys, alarm codes and recognize all sorts of hidden cameras. Don’t get caught off guard by being unprepared.

 SCCS404 Gift Giving, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Gift Giving

Should you accept tips from a client? What about clothes and concert tickets? How do you know if these things are gifts or barter? (Trade stuff for cleaning?) Should you give your clients birthday or holiday gifts? Everything you need to know about gift giving between you and your clients.

 SCCS405 Scheduling, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner

Customer Service Through  Effective Scheduling

Hooray, you’re the boss. You get to set all the hours and take off as much time as you like…well, not quite. here is the most efficient way to block out your schedule so you have the flexibility you need while serving your clients.

 SCCS406 House Cleaning Emergencies, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

House Cleaning Emergencies – Good or Bad Customer Service?

What is a house cleaning emergency? Are you required to respond? Here’s what you ned to know so you won’t be caught off guard when you get this call from one of your best clients.

 SCCS407 Calling in Sick, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Calling in Sick

Being sick is not your fault. But lots of irresponsible house cleaners before you have ruined the “calling in sick” option for you. Fact, you will get sick. Here’s how to stay professional and keep your clients when you have to “call out.”

 SCCS408 Travel Time Off, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

 Travel Time & Time Off

When you are the boss and people are counting on you – do you get to take time off? If you do, will you still have customers when you come back? Find out how to plan your own vacations without disrupting your business.

 SCCS409 Working Around Kids, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Customer Service – Working Around Children

Is it okay for kids to be around while you are cleaning? Who is responsible for watching them? What if they get into your cleaning supplies, or if they dump a box of cereal on the floor right after you cleaned it? Do you have to clean it again? Here are some rules you need to set up front and early. 

 SCCS410 Handling Complaints, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Handling Complaints

It sucks when a customer complains. But what you can learn from the complaint can improve your customer service – and you can ace this business.  

 SCCS411 Satisfaction Guarantee, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

 Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Do you have to give the money back if the house was extra messy and you ran out of time before you finished cleaning? Here is what you need to know about guaranteeing your work so you don’t lose money.

 SCCS412 Working Around Elderly, Customer Service, Savvy Cleaner  

Customer Service – Working With The Elderly

Elderly people require special attention. And cleaning is not a “one size fits all”. Here are some common sense changes you need to make when cleaning around seniors. 

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