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Gear Changers 1 Virtual Boot Camp is a beginner-intermediate house cleaner training course to help you get your business off the ground – and set it up correctly from the start. If you’ve been in business for a week or 10 years, you can benefit immensely from this course. This course includes all 8 of the Gear Changers 1 individual courses (sold separately.)

  • Your bronze membership gives you lifetime access to these training courses along with members only sitewide discounts.


Bronze Membership Bundle includes the first 8 sessions in the Gear Changers 1 Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners.

This series shows you how to start a house cleaning business, how to set your rules and regulations. You’ll learn how to build confidence and establish credibility. Using free techniques and tips, you will learn how to build a website using tips for search engine optimization. You will learn how to maximize your social media for search engine optimization and how to push marketing from your website hub. You will discover some uncanny ways to resolve common – and not so common problems that occur while house cleaning. And you will learn how to manage and work with difficult and high maintenance clients.

This package is a beginner to intermediate boot camp and takes about twelve hours to complete.

(These courses are sold individually for $97.99 or you can purchase them in this Bronze Membership Bundle and save.)

Here you will learn: 

SCGC101 Rules Regulations 1 by Savvy Cleaner
SCGC101 Rules Regulations 1 by Savvy Cleaner

Rules & Regulations (Part 1)

The difference between Advertising vs. Marketing

The difference between Push vs. Pull Marketing

How to build credibility and confidence

Establish authority

What to say on phone calls & job estimate

Setting boundaries and expectations


Rules & Regulations (Part 2)

How to use pull marketing to your advantage

How to build credibility and confidence

Establish authority

What to say on phone calls & job estimate

Setting boundaries and expectations


The Art of the Upsell

Upsell vs. Cross Sell

Learn how to Stack a Schedule

Tips to Close the Deal

How to Get Referrals

How to Prevent Cancellations

Advance Sell to Book Slow Times

SCGC401 Ranking Website Secrets by Savvy Cleaner  


The Importance of Securing Your Website

Free vs. Paid Websites – Which is Best?

Domain and Hosting Tips

25 SEO Website Ranking Tips (23 are free)

Best Website Plug-in’s for House Cleaners

Mandatory “Must Have’s” For a Cleaning Website

SCGC501 Difficult Clients by Savvy Cleaner  

How to Deal with Difficult Clients 

The Secret to Constructive Criticism

How to Recognize a Difficult Customer

15 Triggers that Could Signal Problems

Exact Phrases to Solve Complaints

How to Turn a High Maintenance Customer Around

How to Know When to Fire a Client


What to do When Things Go Wrong

How to manage hoarders

Tips for working with the elderly

Secrets & lies – when you know too much

Damage control & PR nightmares

Stealing & theft

Broken things

Odd things about crazy clients

Should you barter?

SCGC701 OSHA Workplace Safety by Savvy Cleaner


Osha & Safety Training

OSHA Certification vs Osha Compliance

Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning Chemicals & Toxic Substances

Chemical Reactivity & Dermal Exposure

Bloodborne Pathogens & Other Potentially Infectious Material

Working in Confined Spaces

How to Read SDS Sheets



 Social Media for House Cleaners

18 Biggest mistakes house cleaners make on social media.

Get the Maximum SEO for your Post

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest tips to maximize your SEO

How to capitalize on membership groups

How to get the most from Twitter chats

All of these courses are 60 – 120 minutes long and included in the Bronze Membership Bundle. Your membership includes lifetime access to all eight sessions of the Gear Changers 1 Virtual Boot Camp for House Cleaners. When you purchase the Bronze Membership Bundle you also get member only discounts on future programs and insider information.

All of these sessions are in video format and taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru


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