Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Winners for 2022 Announced

Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Winners for 2022 Announced

The Savvy Cleaner scholarship winners for 2022 were announced to 15 lucky cleaning business owners for a year of cleaning training and mentoring.
Savvy Cleaner Training 2022 Scholarship Winners Announced
February 1, 2002

The Savvy Cleaner scholarship winners for 2022 were announced on Monday, Jan. 31, for the Savvy Cleaner Training & Certification program.

“Choosing winners from over two thousand applicants worldwide was not an easy task, but an inspirational one for sure,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown. “There are so many dedicated and deserving individuals at different stages of their business who value continued education to motivate their cleaning teams and provide better service to their customers.”

Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Winners Speak

“The latest wave of the omicron variant hit our business hard. We were just recovering from the second wave financially when the third wave hit,” says scholarship winner, Kerri Christensen, Owner of Busted Knuckles Cleaning in Bentonville, AR. “This scholarship will really help us navigate the climate. I have a team of 15 wonderful and amazing women who bust their knuckles every day to make a difference in our community.”

And scholarship winner Dori Tulino, Owner of Disinfecting Bubbles, Charlotte, NC, gushed, “Cleaning houses affords me the flexibility to be there for my younger son who was born with a cataract and deformations of the tubes in his ears that left him blind in one eye and a loss of speech for most of his early years. Winning this will help me grow my company and allow me to support my family.”

Residential Cleaning on the Rise

Residential house cleaning is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. It’s currently approaching $12 billion dollars in annual sales, according to IBISWorld. “As of 2020, FinancesOnline reported a staggering 128.45 million households in the US, and they all need cleaning,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown. “Our goal is to teach proper techniques and build confidence in the cleaners cleaning those homes.”

Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Winners Will Learn

Savvy Cleaner scholarship winners will learn about pH levels and how to read safety data sheets for the cleaning chemicals they use. They will also learn to identify the types of surfaces they are cleaning along with efficient and effective cleaning methods. The courses cover eco cleaning supplies, equipment cleaning and sanitation, and personal protective equipment among other training on how to set up and grow a cleaning business during these uncertain times.

About Savvy Cleaner

Savvy Cleaner is a training and certification program for house cleaners and maids. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., USA, they produce the daily podcast Ask a House Cleaner available on Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and more. The YouTube show by the same name with its closed captioning can be viewed in 191 languages worldwide.

Check out the 2022 Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Winners here.

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Director of Media Relations
Savvy Cleaner
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