Are the Paid Courses the Same as the Free Content?

You have lots of instagram posts with helpful tips, and YouTube videos that give house cleaner tips. Are the paid courses the same as the free content?

No. While there is a lot of Savvy Cleaner content on the open market the courses are different.

If you’ve been following us on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Reddit, Quora, our blogs, websites, RSS feeds, Linkedin, webinars, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Twitter, our live seminars, public speeches, Amazon, private or group coaching you are familiar with the fundamentals we teach.

We’ve utilized all of the available channels to test our content and find out what works best in a training course. There may be some overlap, but that is true of any course.

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Basics Never Change

All the information you can ever hope to find exists elsewhere. Fundamentals don’t change, just the teaching styles the way the information is presented changes.

The courses we’ve put together are the best we have to offer. We’ve tested this information in a variety of settings to various age groups and education levels. We’ve also tested them to house cleaning groups and homeowner groups to make sure our content is in alignment with the expectations of the customers.

These courses are our most helpful, proven, easy-to-apply material all in one place, under one roof, with easy search capabilities and trackable learning.

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