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Imagine being pregnant for 9 months. You’re hormonal, bloated, and when you walk you waddle. Your clothes don’t fit and you can’t seem to find the right position to sleep.

The doctor’s appointments provide hope, but mostly just advice of stuff you already knew. Things like to sleep more, exercise and take your vitamins.

Then the big day comes  – you know it’s a big day because you’re in the worst pain of your life. And you deliver your child. Woohoo!

And you have your proudest moment. You’ve created something living and breathing – and it’s ugly. Her head is squishy and wrinkled like an old lady. And yet you can’t help smiling because you don’t care. All you see is the potential of who she is going to become. 

This is my baby. I know it’s ugly, squishy and wrinkly right now…and I’ve never been more proud.

Welcome to the online learning library at Savvy Cleaner.

Our potential is your success.

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