This Week 11-07-2022

New Stuff This Week 11-07-2022 at Savvy Cleaner – Here are the latest programs, member spotlights, cleaning certifications, and giveaways.

Live Masterclass With Angela Brown

FRIDAY 11/07/2022 LIVE 3:00 PM EDT

According to a recent PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll, one in 3 people changed jobs in the last two years. Many of those people started their own cleaning companies.

Set Up Your Home Office

If you are a house cleaner working from home, join us for this live shopping /masterclass with Angela Brown. After training house cleaners for the better part of three decades, she’s narrowed down the top tips you need to set up the most productive workspace. Better yet, she will show you how to set up a home office with the minimum amount of equipment at the best prices.

Trina Hargett Joins Savvy Cleaner as Media Strategist

Trina Hargett Press Release SNN News - B

Savvy Cleaner, the company that produces the Ask A House Cleaner show and podcast is radiating over Brand Strategist Trina Hargett. “Managing the customer experience is the key to brand loyalty and long-term success,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown. “Hargett’s track record with optimizing each step of the customer journey through speed, consistency, technology, and the use of emotional impact is a real boost for our company.”

Group Mastermind Replay Now Available

Savvy Cleaner Business / Network
Next Group Mastermind
Wednesday, November 16 at 2:00 pm EDT
Mark your calendar now to attend

Congratulations to These Savvy Cleaners

Certification Course Explanation

The easiest training and certification program on the planet for house cleaners and maids. Memberships include courses, group coaching and network support. 


Training & Certification Courses This Week

WOOT WOOT! Check out who is plowing through their learning courses this week. Clients want to know that their house cleaners are involved in continual learning. High Five to those listed below.

00 Why Credentials Matter

David Walton, Cleaning Technician, Colorado Springs, CO

00 Money Mindset

Rachel Crow, Cleaning Technician, Colorado Springs, CO

01 Is Cleaning Right for You?

David Walton, Cleaning Technician, Colorado Springs, CO

02 Getting Started Basics

* This course is to help you set up your business right from the start. Fix the costly mistakes that cost most startup cleaning companies.​

03 Worksheets and Checklists

* The Worksheet is one of the most important tools you will use in your cleaning business. This course is the blend of psychology, behavioral economics, scarcity, diplomacy and confidence all rolled into the easiest sales tool you’ll ever use. Learn the word tracks to use with it and why skipping a step could leave money on the table.

04 Pricing Basics

* The Pricing Basics course is all about the variables that go into giving an accurate price quote for house cleaning and not leaving money on the table.

05 Employee Handbook

* This course helps you explain the rules of how your business operates to employees you hire. Included in this course are company policies, expectations, payroll, vacations, time off, callouts, what will get you written up or promoted.

06 How to Choose a Territory

* This course shows you how to choose a geographic area to work in that is close to where you live. You’ll also learn to stack a schedule so you don’t waste time and money on vehicle expenses and the wasted time of a commute.

07 Chemical Safety

Ally Graves, A Mother’s Touch Top Notch Cleaning, Russiaville, IN 
Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI

08 Personal Protective Equipment

Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI

09 Eco Cleaning Supplies

Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI 
Kumani Ricks, Cleansing Quarters, Rochester, NY

10 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper Towels

Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI

11 Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization

Ally Graves, A Mother’s Touch Top Notch Cleaning, Russiaville, IN 
Alexandra Kumia, Mess Bee Gone 808, Honolulu, HI
Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI

12 How to Ace a Walkthrough

Jessica Atwood, Spruce It Up Cleaning LLC, Grant, MI

14 Upsells and Special Projects

* Upsells and Special Projects are ways to sell more services to existing customers to keep money coming in during the slow months. These are things not cleaned on a deep or a maintenance clean.

16 Hiring Right

* This course will show you how to find the right cleaners, prepare for the interview, conduct the interview, evaluate the cleaners, and find the team superstars to skyrocket your cleaning business.

18 How to Build a Website

* How to Build a Website is a course that walks you step by step through WordPress, plugins, themes, uploading and resizing images, buttons, blocks, publishing blogs, and more.

Where is the Ask a House Cleaner Show Broadcast?

Huge VIP Member Discounts This Week:

Savvy Perks

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