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New Stuff This Week 10-09-2023 at Savvy Cleaner – Here are the latest programs, member spotlights, cleaning certifications, and giveaways

Are you a house cleaner struggling with burnout? Or maybe you’re an exhausted business owner, parent, or 24/7 caregiver who’s reaching your limit? Join Angela Brown each morning for a fast 15-minute live update with actionable tips and strategies to overcome burnout. 

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Guest expert Lucy Wahl, a professional organizer shares her organizing philosophy centered on common sense organizing for modern urban living. Discover how to harness the power of an organized home to regain precious time for your career, passion projects, and cherished relationships

WHEN: October 12, 2023 2:00pm EDT
WHAT: Transforming Chaos for Busy Professionals
WHO: Clutterbugs, Hoarders, Professional Cleaners & Organizers

The easiest training and certification program on the planet for house cleaners and maids. Memberships include courses, group coaching and network support. 


Training & Certification Courses This Week

WOOT WOOT! Check out who is plowing through their learning courses this week. Clients want to know that their house cleaners are involved in continual learning. High Five to those listed below.

00 Why Credentials Matter

* Learn why credentials matter to your prospects and customers and how to use yours to boost your reputation, get more business, better clients, and top-notch ratings and reviews.

00 Money Mindset

Joseph Kukulka, Cleaning Technician, Smithfield, RI 
Alana Buckland, Cleaning Technician, Ronceverte, WV
Jeff Stoddard, Bella’s Maid Service, Spokane, WA

01 Is Cleaning Right for You?

* This course is to see if you are right for the cleaning business!​ Learn the difference between being an employee and a cleaning boss. Learn what to expect on the job.​

02 Getting Started Basics

Nicholas Gallese, Happy Mop Cleaning LLC, Ephrata, PA 
Joseph Kukulka, Cleaning Technician, Smithfield, RI

03 Worksheets and Checklists

Wendy Gant, Helpful Lady Maid Service, Houston, TX 
Nicholas Booker, Bespoke Cleaning Services LLC, Wilsonville, OR
Morgan Kaye Erdman, Cleaning Technician, Sioux City, IA
Joseph Kukulka, Cleaning Technician, Smithfield, RI

04 Pricing Basics

* The Pricing Basics course is all about the variables that go into giving an accurate price quote for house cleaning and not leaving money on the table.

05 Employee Handbook

* The Worksheet is one of the most important tools you will use in your cleaning business. This course is the blend of psychology, behavioral economics, scarcity, diplomacy and confidence all rolled into the easiest sales tool you’ll ever use. Learn the word tracks to use with it and why skipping a step could leave money on the table.

06 How to Choose a Territory

Nicholas Booker, Bespoke Cleaning Services LLC, Wilsonville, OR

07 Chemical Safety

Morgan Kaye Erdman, Cleaning Technician, Sioux City, IA

08 Personal Protective Equipment

Nicholas Booker, Bespoke Cleaning Services LLC, Wilsonville, OR

09 Eco Cleaning Supplies

* This course covers the exact cleaning supplies professionals use along with safety data sheets and the surfaces that go with each product. You’ll also learn how much of a product to use and how to track inventory.

10 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper Towels

Nicholas Booker, Bespoke Cleaning Services LLC, Wilsonville, OR

11 Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization

* This course shows you how to clean your cleaning equipment, cloths and supplies between each job. We show you how to pack a trunk of a car and how to clean the client’s vacuum onsite.

12 How to Ace a Walkthrough

Morgan Kaye Erdman, Cleaning Technician, Sioux City, IA

13 Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning

* This course shows you 68 videos room by room so you can see what to clean on a maintenance vs. deep clean so you can explain it to clients and create realistic expectations. Kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, home office, bonus rooms, Airbnb, family rooms, entry’s, mudrooms, laundry rooms and more.

14 Upsells and Special Projects

* Upsells and Special Projects are ways to sell more services to existing customers to keep money coming in during the slow months. These are things not cleaned on a deep or a maintenance clean.

15 How to Clean a Toilet

* This course covers some walkthrough secrets like how to rate a toilet so you can stop wasting money on more chemicals than you need. The easy-care system for cleaning toilets. How to clean bidets, medical and mobile toilets, max cleaning, maintenance cleaning and more.

16 Hiring Right

* This course will show you how to find the right cleaners, prepare for the interview, conduct the interview, evaluate the cleaners, and find the team superstars to skyrocket your cleaning business.

17 How to Dust Like A Pro

* This course will show you how to find the right duster for the right surface, the most efficient ways to dust, proper dusting techniques, cross-contamination awareness, proper cleaning for dusters, and disposal methods for dust duster heads.

18 How to Build a Website

* How to Build a Website is a course that walks you step by step through WordPress, plugins, themes, uploading and resizing images, buttons, blocks, publishing blogs, and more.

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