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The mastermind hot seat focuses on one cleaning business owner with a focus on the issues they are working through to get to the next step of their business.

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What is the Mastermind Hot Seat? 

Each mastermind session there will be one cleaning business owner in the hot seat. The group will help you navigate the issues you face and offer solutions, resources and help. The group discussion will be led by Angela Brown.

How do I get chosen to be in the hot seat?

Fill out the Hot Seat Submission form below. If chosen for the session you will be contacted to verify your availability. You can also choose to be on the waitlist in the event that the scheduled hot seat guest doesn’t show. 

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What do I have to do to prepare for the hot seat?

Fill out the form and be prepared to explain to the mastermind what you are working on in your business. What issues do you need help with? Write your questions down in advance. 

What if I’ve been invited to be a Hot Seat Guest and I can’t make it at the last minute?

We have a waitlist of available participants who are prepared to fill in. However if you are a no-show after confirming, you will go to the end of the line or the waitlist for  your next hot seat turn.

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Can I talk about any area of my business while in the hot seat?

Yes,  providing that it something the group can learn from. If this is too specific to your individual situation it may be a better fit for a private consultation rather than in a group setting. Filling out the form accurately will help the Savvy Team serve you in the best possible way.

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