Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture needs to be cleaned at the start of every season, and if it’s wrought iron may need to be sanded and painted.
Patio Prep Special Project Upsells (2)

Furniture Paint Refresher Package

This fire pit and patio furniture is nearly 20 years old. Every 2 years we take all the patio furniture off the patio, sand down the rust spots (see yellow arrow) and spray paint the furniture with a Rustoleum primer and paint. This collection includes 1x 6 person round table, 6 chairs, 2 lounge chairs, 1 x end table, 1 x coffee table, 2 x stand at tables, 1 x hot tub rack, 1 x firepit with 4 x benches.

The client pays for  all the paint (10 cans of spray paint) plus labor. The paint project (once pressure washed) takes about 4 hours of labor including the sanding and painting. We bill $400. which includes moving the furniture off the deck and back on again once the paint is dry. 

*2 people x 2 hours and they can help each other move the furniture.

Electric Sander and Rustoleum Paint

How to Do This Project? – Furniture Paint

  1. Take a gas or electric blower and blow all the pollen and debris off the patio and furniture.
  2. If pressure washing the deck also power wash the furniture. 
  3. Let Dry. Remove all patio furniture to grass covered in drop cloths.
  4. Sand rust spots with electric sander.
  5. Spray Paint Furniture with Rustoleum primer | Paint
  6. Let dry. Return patio furniture to patio.

Special Upsells for This Project

The upsells for this project are paint and drop cloths.

*See Patio & Deck Resources in the links below for equipment needed.

How to Price This Project – Per Person

Because this project is often packaged together with the pressure washing package it’s easy to keep the rates the same at $100 per  hour. This allows you to work on both jobs at the same time without duplicating pressure washing efforts.

  • Minimum 2 Hours @ $200 
  • 4 Hours @ $400

When to Do This Project

This project is often done in the spring after pollen season before Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to get ready for the big holiday cookouts.

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

Tips for Success

PRO TIP: Avoid spray painting in direct sunlight. Bring a yard umbrella if necessary or choose a cloudy day. 

PRO TIP: Don’t spray paint if there is wind. 

MARKETING TIP: If you sell this project – get a few yard signs made up with your contact information promoting this specific project and put them in the front and side yard while the job is in progress. You will often pick up 4-5 more jobs from noisy neighbors who wonder what is going on.

MONEY TIP: When you are done with the project, book the same job for the same client for next year. So you don’t have to try and “resell it” to the customer at a later date. You’ll just be confirming your appointment.

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