Punctuality and regular attendance are essential to the successful operation of the Company’s business.

Alert Your Boss If You Will Be Late

Attendance, Punctuality, Calendar and Hour glassIf an employee is unable to report to work (or to report to work on time) for any reason, the employee must notify his or her supervisor before his or her starting time.

If an employee desires to leave work for any reason during the workday, the employee must obtain the approval of his or her supervisor prior to leaving.

We Think You Quit

Attendance, you 've been fired stampIn the event that the employee fails to call his or her supervisor or report for work for 3 consecutive workdays, the employee will be deemed to have voluntarily resigned from his or her employment with the Company and will be removed from the payroll.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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