Is There a Discounted Membership?

Is there a minimum subscription or a discount? $29.99 seems like a lot of money for training.

Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification Membership

Savvy Cleaner Training for Employees

Savvy Business Owners Membership

Savvy Cleaner Business for Employers

Savvy Cleaner Network Membership

Both Memberships for one price $59.99/Mo

The minimum subscription is $29.99 a month which breaks out to be a dollar a day. 

And this is about the money you would earn in an hour or two of cleaning. 

For that price each month you get a training course valued at $497 and a group coaching session.

Consulting with Angela one-on-one is $1,000 per hour and while this isn’t one-on-one the value of the group  coaching is off the charts.

If money is the issue and you’re looking for help growing your cleaning company, please check out our YouTube channel where you will find lots of helpful information at no charge.

The prices for the memberships will never be discounted they will only go up.

Locking in your prices now grandfathers you at this price you joined – but this is as low as they will ever be.

We do appreciate your interest and hope to see you on the inside.

When you invest in your training – we invest in you. 

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