How Does Savvy Cleaner Compare?

How Does Savvy Cleaner’s Training Compare to Other Courses?

FAQ - Comparison Table

Quite frankly we couldn’t find anything similar on the open market which is why we created this.
It would have been way easier to partner with someone offering what we want to teach and just be an affiliate. This way we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So we don’t believe apples to apples there is anything quite like what we offer at Savvy Cleaner Training.

There are 2 programs similar but for different audiences (commercial cleaning and franchises) but not for independent professional cleaners.

Comparison with Text

Since we opened our doors for online training in Jan of 2016 we’ve created over 2,830 original pieces of learning content, and have run 9 beta tests of our programs. We’ve rebuilt, reworked, refilmed and repackaged our entire program based on user feedback to provide a better user experience for you.

As a result we are quickly becoming the premiere go-to hub for house cleaner training.

NOTE: Our price has gone up a few dollars since our last comparison and we’ve reached out to fellow competitors to see if they wanted to submit their pricing tables as well. Stay tuned.

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