Why Your Post Was Removed

Knowing why your post was removed will help you from repeating the error. Our admin team is trained to remove posts for these reasons.

If Your Comment Was Removed

Your comment was removed because it broke one of the group rules. Or,  it was linked to a comment that broke one of the group rules. When a post is removed we let the person know why. But if you didn’t get a notification it probably got deleted when the offending post you commented on was removed.

The Savvy Cleaner Facebook Groups May Not Be for You

Not everybody can follow rules or believe the rules apply to them. These groups, however, are run by the Savvy Cleaner brand and are an extension of our business. 

When you join, you are agreeing to follow our rules. If you can’t do that, please go look for another group. Our groups are not for you.

Members who violate these rules may be offered a warning and/or removed from the group. Any hate speech or cursing will result in immediate removal.

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