Why No Cussing

Why no cussing is allowed in our Facebook groups, our mastermind groups, and our learning hubs. Here’s the real reason.

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No Profanity, Cursing, Cussing, Swearing Group Policy


Our groups at one time became quite profane with members calling each other names and telling each other where to go in a bullying way. So we’ve removed those trigger words. Even when they are used not in mean or hateful ways. I know it’s a petty thing, I’m sorry.

Cuss words we’ve banned from our group are Shit, Damn, Fuck, Hell, Bitch, Bastard, and Asshole, and Cunt. Use of these words in any form can get you removed from the group. It turns out they are not useful, positive, encouraging or professional.

Due to limited time constraints – there will be no more manual second, third and fourth chance warnings. It’s just not allowed. We are professional groups. If you can’t follow these rules please go find another group. We are not a good fit for you.

NOTE:  There are 171,476 words in the English language, we are asking you to refrain from seven or eight of them for a better user experience.

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