How Much Should I Charge?

How much should I charge? How much should I charge for a 3BR, 2 BA house? How much should I charge for a 1600 sq ft. condo?  

Two Ways to Price a Job

There are basically two different ways to price a cleaning job:

  1. Charge by the hour
  2. Charge by the job

Factors to Consider

The factors that need to be included when bidding for a job are these:

  • The geographical location where the job is. 
  • How many people live in the home (how many bedrooms and bathrooms are being used daily)
  • How many and what type of pets live in the home? (Do they have 4 shedding dogs or 1 cased turtle?)
  • Is the family typically neat and tidy or do they live a cluttered life?
  • What type of cleaning do they need? (Maintenance, deep cleaning, special projects?)

Videos on Pricing Cleaning Jobs

Free videos on how to price cleaning jobs here:

Paid Course on How to Price Cleaning Jobs

Paid course on how to price jobs here:

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