What is the Difference in the Savvy Cleaner Memberships?

What is the difference in the Savvy Cleaner memberships? 
Which membership is right for me? 
Which membership package should I choose? 
How do I know which membership I should join?

THERE ARE THREE MEMBERSHIPS: To learn more go here: https://savvycleaner.com/join

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1: SAVVY CLEANER TRAINING (Blue) for Solo Operators and Employees = 1 New Course + 1 Group Mastermind per month ($69.99/month)
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2: SAVVY CLEANER BUSINESS (Green) For the boss / Owner = 1 New Course + 1 Group Mastermind per month ($99.99/Month)
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3: SAVVY CLEANER NETWORK (Pink) – (Both Memberships 1 & 2) = 2 New courses + 2 Group Masterminds per month. ($99.99/Month)

When you join a membership, you get all the “Available Now” courses https://savvycleaner.com/calendar-of-courses

Go through them at your own pace. The courses don’t begin on any certain day.

PS. If you are a business owner looking to grow and scale your business I recommend the Savvy Cleaner Network. (Pink Package)

This gives you all the training and certification courses as well as all the business courses.

P.P.S. We also have a FAQ page you can find here: https://savvycleaner.com/help/faq-about-savvy-cleaner-courses/

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