How to Cancel Your Membership


  • In the top right hand corner click on “My Account.”
  • Sign into your account using the email and password you used when you created the account.
  • Click the login button
Sign into your account
  • Once logged in go to Order History
  • NOTE: the layout of the options may change but find the button that says Order History
  • The Order History will open and you will see a button that says View


  • Click on the button that says View.
Click on Order History on your dashboard
  • Find the Cancel Subscription Button and click on it.
Click on Order History on your dashboard
  • You will be given a warning that asks if you are sure you want to erase your account and all your progress.


  • If you are sure click on Okay.
Are You Sure You Want to Cancel
  • You will see a Pending Cancellation notice next to the order number.  
  • Make a note of this order number in the event that you ever need to reference it with us or your credit card company. 
  • The Pending Cancellation and Reactivation Subscription will be active until the Expiration Date listed on your account.

On the expiration date the pending cancellation turns to a final cancellation.

  • If you are sure click on Okay.
Pending Cancellation
We Are Sorry To See You Go
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