Blocking Policy

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Knowing the blocking policy in a Facebook group will keep you from being booted from the group. Here’s why you can’t block admin and stay.

Blocking Policy

(Business Breakups, Divorce, Business Dissolve, Firing, Competition, etc.)

If you have differences with someone in the group that you cannot resolve on your own, please block them. This will allow you both to stay in the group, keep your friends, and participate in group conversations.

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Don’t Block Admin

If you can’t find the group it is most likely because a rule was broken or admin was blocked.
In the past we’ve had tremendous trouble with people joining the group, then blocking admin and then being mean to our members, harassing them, bullying them, and spamming them. For these reasons, if the admin is blocked (for any reason) we will remove and block you from the group. This stops the bad behavior of those misusing the group.
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