Changes To Our Guest Post Program

Due to a recent change in our content strategy, we have discontinued our guest post program effective 11/25/2020.

We are no longer accepting guest posts for any of the Savvy Cleaner sites.

Thanks to all who participated. We’ve enjoyed working with you and publishing your amazing ideas.
 – Angela Brown, CEO, Savvy Cleaner

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Why Would You Want To Guest Post?

Many people want to guest post as a way of expanding their visibility and reach.  It’s also a great way to magnify and build your brand. It allows you to network with other bloggers and readers who comment on the posts. Approval of links you include in your post depends on value to the audience. And if approved, is a great way to build backlinks to your site. We do not pay for guest posts at Savvy Cleaner or Life Long Productions. We do guarantee you an author bio and link to your Twitter handle plus one link back to your existing website or blog.

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Rules for Outbound Links

We allow outgoing links in your expose as long as they serve the reader. We will check all links in your submission for integrity. If the link appears to be spammy or not suited for our audience we may remove or replace it with a better fit. The only 2 links we guarantee is your @TwitterHandle and the link in the author bio. This can be a link back to your blog, your website your social media page, etc. (Your personal bio link can not direct back to a store, shop or spammy site.)  All outbound links are subject to approval. computer social media spacer ©Savvy Cleaner

Where Will Your Guest Post Appear?

At Savvy Cleaner we have a handful of websites that serve the house cleaning, maid service, and janitorial industry.  We reserve the right to decide which of our affiliate websites is the best fit for your submission. Our websites are these: – Paid House Cleaner Training and Certification, Premium Tips Vault, Shop – Nuts and bolts blog. For owners of house cleaning companies, house cleaners, maids or Airbnb Hosts. – DIY house cleaning tips. For homeowners, families, and those who do their own house cleaning. – For BNB hosts and the house cleaners who do the turnover service. – Referral database for home service providers. Copyright Spacer Blue ©Savvy Cleaner

Who Owns the Copyright to Your Guest Post?

Once you submit a guest post to one of our sites, it becomes the property of that site. You will still receive credit as the author of that submission. (Guest post by Your Name and @TwitterHandle) We will not scrape it, strip your name off of it, pirate it, sell it, or pass it off as our own. Savvy Cleaner Training, LLC is the owner of all content posted on the following websites.,,,, and Life Long Productions, LLC is the owner of all content posted on (Life Long Productions LLC is a sister company to Savvy Cleaner Training, LLC.)  Angela Brown Oberer is the owner and executive editor of all content posted on all sites listed. Copyright Spacer Orange ©Savvy Cleaner

How Come You Don’t Own the Copyright of Your Guest Post?

It’s like you giving a gift to someone. Once you give it away, they can do whatever they want with your gift. You no longer have control of it. You can’t reuse the gift for your own personal needs and purposes. It’s the same with an article you publish on someone else’s site which is called spinning posts. Once you submit a guest post you are not allowed to spin the article to a variety of different sites.

Spinning Posts Dilute SEO

Spinning posts dilute the SEO and authority of your original content. Because we’ve taken great care to SEO your post, and promote it to our audience – you will still get high rankings from the post you created. If you repost it on a variety of different sites, it will bring down the overall ranking and you will be in essence competing with yourself for the same topic or keywords. When you create an article or a guest blog for one of our sites – you are crafting it with the intention of giving it away in exchange for visibility and links back to your site. At Savvy Cleaner, we maintain the editorial and ownership rights to all content we publish. We reserve the right to replace the photos, links or edit the content to better serve our audience. To minimize edits, follow the directions below to create a top-notch guest post. Man with questions spacer ©Savvy Cleaner

How Do We decide What Guest Posts Get Broadcast?

At Savvy Cleaner we don’t just accept guest posts because we think it will increase our traffic. We allow guest commentary because we believe the content will benefit our readers. We are picky about the articles and blogs we publish. This is because there is a lot of mediocre and spammy crap out there. We don’t accept spin articles. These are articles you’ve written for your own site or similar websites you have guest posted on. We use  Copyscape and  Plagiarism Checker to check for duplicate content. If you submit a spin editorial or post, it will not be broadcast on any of our websites. We are looking for unique, original, and detailed information. We look for established writers. The information you provide needs to be relevant and specific to the cleaning industry. Just Say No spacer ©Savvy Cleaner

What Happens to a Rejected Guest Post?

If for some reason we decide not to publish your guest post, we will return it to you. All the rights revert back to you and you are free to shop it around to other similar sites. Sometimes we do reject guest posts. Reasons for this include:
  • Too many grammatical mistakes
  • Inaccurate information
  • Sloppy organization of ideas.
  • Lack of research or experience on the topic discussed
  • Copyright infringements
  • Plagiarism.

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Guidelines For Guest Post Query

Email us a query with your proposed topic. Send it  to guestpost [@]

In Your Query:

  1. Include your proposed topic.
  2. Your bio
  3. The link you want to include in your guest post.
  4. A link to your existing/established blog
  5. Your contact information including your full name, phone, and email. (We will contact you with a “yes let’s do it, or thanks we’ll pass.”)
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Guidelines for Submission of Your Guest Post

Once we’ve agreed to your guest post here’s what comes next.

Create Your Content

  • Do your research and write an amazing article.
  • You are liable for submitting content that is legally responsible. (This includes copyright infringements, trademarks, and plagiarism of stories, written content, images, and videos.) By submitting a guest post you are guaranteeing that your submission doesn’t violate a third party’s legal rights.
  • Word Count – Articles must be at least 1,000 words or more. We feel that detailed articles provide our readers with a better user experience. You can beef up your articles by adding facts, “how-to” steps, examples, and stories.
  • Format your article in a Word Doc or  Google Doc. This includes graphics you want to include. (We will reformat your guest post on our website along with the graphics you have submitted.) We will try to maintain the integrity of your design but it has to fit in with our brand.
  • Attach all your files to WeSendIt. The email to use for WeSendIt is guestpost [@]
  • WeSendit is free to use. They allow you to send files up to 5GB.
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Ready To Send Us Your Stuff?

What Files Are You Attaching?

  1. Your formatted article in a Word or Google Doc.
  2. Author bio including 1 backlink to your website or social media – you can add inside the article at the end. Plus your @TwitterHandle.
  3. Your headshot author photo
  4. Any photos, drawings, images, or other items or objects (i.e. Gifs, videos) you want to include in the post. (Copyrights cleared. This means you are using creative commons licensing. Or you have permission to use the photos since you took them with your own camera. Or you have paid for them with a service like GraphicstockShutterstock, etc.)
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Circulating Your Published Guest Post

Once we have approved and published your post we will send you a link. You are welcome to embed that link in any website, social media posts, emails, or newsletters to advertise your guest post on our site(s). We do believe in personal promotion and will do our best to make you look amazing in any articles you write for us.

7 Ways To Make Your Guest Post Stand Out

Stand Out with Guest Post green lightbulbs with one flourescent bulb As a contributor to our house cleaning series, you can help yourself look good before you submit your article. Tools we recommend you use are these: #1 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner

Hemingway Editor

This is an editorial app that as a blogger you are probably already using. ($19.99 for Mac and PC) Hemingway is a text editor that highlights hard to read sentences. It shows your passive voice, adverbs, grade level, and word count. We keep all our content at Savvy Cleaner at a  5th-grade reading level. This assists the software that translates our site into a variety of languages for our international readers. I took this exact page and cut and pasted it into Hemingway and here’s what it found. Yikes right? Hemingway Example for Guest Post Lots of changes to make before I actually publish this page.  I opened it in PicMonkey and I added the blue arrow. Then I saved the image in PicMonkey as a much smaller photo. After that, I opened it in and reduced the file size 38% before uploading it to my website. Because we all know that large images bog down a website and make your site run slower – which tanks your SEO. #2 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner


This is a free and premium app that highlights your spelling and grammatical errors so you can correct them before you submit your stuff. Grammarly for Guest Posting #3 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner

PicMonkey is like Photoshop on steroids and a skateboard. It is a free and premium online service that anybody can master within a few minutes with no prior graphic design experience. PicMonkey allows you to take any photo and add filters. You can add text overlays or stickers. Cropping and resizing is a breeze. You can brighten or add contrast to any image. It’s also possible to quickly change the shades and hues of eyes, teeth, and hide blemishes in photos of people. PicMonkey for Guest Post, Dashboard #4 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner

Canva is another free and premium online service that allows you to create blog featured images, headlines, banners, and that sort of thing on the fly. The site has thousands of free templates already custom-sized for every type of post you might make. Store all your creations in your online file free. (The paid version creates for you a press kit with your brand’s custom colors, and fonts, and allows you to store your photo uploads and finished creations in sorted file folders for quicker access. ) When you add a stock photo to your custom design within the Canva platform, the photos cost you $1.00 per use which is a tremendous saving over other stock photo sites. Canva for Guest Post #5 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner

Compress JPEG

Compress JPEG is one of my favorite (and free) image compression tools for my blogs. I use it on every single image that I upload. CompressJpg is an extra step in publishing your blogs but will guarantee that your photos and images load fast. We know that slow load times make people leave the site before reading all your stuff. And if you’re going to go to all the trouble to create amazing content – you want people to read it right? Don’t lose readers because your post takes too long to open. Compressjpg for guest post ©Savvy Cleaner
  • Just open in any browser and choose your image type as .png
  • If your picture is not a .png file convert it before compressing it by using a .jpg to .png converter
  • Upload your image.
  • Watch it compress.
  • Click Download. Save your downloaded file.
  • Once you have saved your downloaded file, you can rename it. Here’s a tip for renaming your photo (before you upload it to the website.)
  • Include the keyword(s) you want to rank for from your blog in the filename of your photo. The actual name of the image along with the alt tag helps your SEO ranking. (Save as Keyword showing XYZ image.jpg)
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Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My Title is a simple website that we use for every header tag. This capitalizes the proper words in a header or title so the readability is easier for the search engines. It triggers that this is a header for the upcoming section. We use it for Headers 1-6 (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, u0026amp; H6) We simply open up this website before publishing a post and cut and paste the headers one by one into the website, it generates a new header with proper capitalization. Then we copy and paste the header back into our documents. #7 Spacer © Savvy Cleaner

Yoast SEO

Guest Post Using Yoast SEOThis is a free and premium WordPress plugin which if you are a regular blogger you’ll want to add to your toolkit. Yoast Seo scans your post and alerts you with a checklist of things you can do to boost your SEO ranking. This checklist in red dots, turn green when you fix the errors. Once your site is all green with approval, then copy and paste it into a word doc and submit to Savvy Cleaner. 2020 Savvy Cleaner Spacer
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