Facebook Groups Rules

Group Goals – Things to share include:

  • Stories about your day
  • Questions about business, clients, employees, contracts, supplies, equipment, etc.
  • Answers to questions asked in the group.
  • Support. We all need a safe place to vent and this is a supportive group.
  • Ideas. This is a community of like-minded business people. This is a place to spin business ideas.
  • Wins. We want to hear your successes and we want to celebrate you.
  • Blogs, Podcasts, Approved YouTube Tips Videos, Memes, Inspirational quotes – anything related to the cleaning business. 

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Not Allowed in any of our Facebook Groups

  • Advertising
  • Selling
  • MLM’s
  • Fundraising
  • Recruiting
  • Fights
  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Profanity
  • Blocking Admin
  • Asking for Members
  • Email
  • Contacting Members via Instant Message to Sell/share stuff
  • Live Videos, Stories (without admin approval)

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Saturday Super Sale in all our Facebook Groups

The ONLY exception to the no selling rule is on Saturdays. Every Saturday in the pinned posts (in all Savvy Cleaner business groups) you may sell your stuff.


It can be your consulting practice, software, apps, books, training program, work equipment, work clothing, gizmos, gadgets, trinkets, detergents, and things you’ve invented.

You can also pitch your MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or side hustle. You can recruit, offer samples, announce training calls, recruit to other FB groups, etc.

Freebies or giveaways that promote your personal agenda such as a webinar or seminar need to be included in the Saturday Super Sale.


You may include one link per ad. (The link can be your website, FB page or email.)

If you are selling multiple things, create multiple adds.

To place an ad: > Find the Saturday Super Sale Pinned Post> Click on the comment section > and paste your ad.

Photos, videos, gifs, diagrams, infographics, before and after pictures are welcome.

Saturday Super Sale Professional House Cleaners
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  • DON’T Ask for anyone’s email, and please don’t add your email to any posts. We don’t want people harvesting a list of emails from any thread in our group.

We can’t control the spam you will receive and we can’t do anything about it. Posts with email addresses will be removed from the group.

  • DON’T Make snarky comments about anyone else’s products or services.
  • PLEASE DO NOT contact or solicit group members via instant messaging on Saturdays or any other time.

DO Keep it clean. Please sell only family-friendly items.

  • Nothing profane or X rated.

NOTE: Any other sales offerings at any other time of the week will be removed by admin. 

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No Profanity, Cursing, Cussing, Swearing Group Policy


Our group at one time became quite profane with house cleaners calling each other names and telling each other where to go in a bullying way. So we’ve removed those trigger words. Even when they are used not in mean or hateful ways. I know it’s a petty thing, I’m sorry.

Cuss words we’ve banned from our group are Shit, Damn, Fuck, Hell, Bitch, Bastard, and Asshole. Use of these words in any form can get you removed from the group. It turns out they are not useful, positive, encouraging or professional.

Due to limited time constraints – there will be no more manual second, third and fourth chance warnings. It’s just not allowed. We are a professional group. If you can’t follow these rules please go find another group. We are not a good fit for you.

NOTE:  There are 171,476 words in the English language, we are asking you to refrain from six or seven of them for a better user experience.

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Reporting Inappropriate or Offensive Behavior

Report to Admin
And if you have to report a post for any reason, please click the three dots next to the post and choose “report to admin.” This alerts me and my team which group the post came from and puts the offensive post in context. I’ms and text messages don’t help us much.
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Professional House Cleaners Group Policy

(Business Breakups, Divorce, Business Dissolve, Firing, Competition etc.)

If you have differences with someone in the group that you cannot resolve, please block them. This will allow you both to stay in the group, keep your friends, and participate in group conversations.

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Savvy Cleaner’s Facebook Groups Policy

(Bullying – Trolling)

If somebody is trolling or bullying you, please block them.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. Our group is a safe place, not a terrifying one.

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Savvy Cleaners Facebook Groups Policy

(No Fundraising)

The group has collectively voted against fundraising, Go Fund Me campaigns, Disaster relief etc. within this group.

If you have questions regarding this policy please search our group thread for a lengthy conversation about why.

Our Facebook group selling rules are enforced to provide the best user experience for all members. Please follow the rules or your post will be removed.

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No Live Videos or Stories

(Without Admin Approval)

We understand it’s helpful to watch videos of cleaning and walkthroughs. However, members are abusing the privilege of video in our group. Videos are not easy to screen for profanity, bullying, racism and professing inaccurate information.

Beginning immediately, we don’t allow live videos and stories in this group. And you must get pre-approval from admin for pre-recorded videos. (YouTube, tutorials, etc.)

Neglect to follow these rules will get you removed from the group.

The Savvy Cleaner Facebook Groups May Not Be for You

Not everybody can follow rules or believe the rules apply to them.

So, if you are one of these people, please go look for another group. This group is not for you.

Members who violate these rules may be offered a warning and/or removed from the group. Any hate speech or cursing will result in immediate removal.

This group was created by Angela Brown and the Savvy Cleaner team who run and operate it.

Disclaimer: This is a public forum behind closed doors. The opinions, advice, and information shared belong to the members of the group are not a reflection of, or endorsed by Angela Brown or the Savvy Cleaner Team. Each person is responsible for their own comments, attitudes, and behavior.

Now let’s go have some fun. 🙂

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