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QR Code to Link Tree - Reviews
LINK TREE: From our Group Coaching Call
We discussed the QR code and how you only can link to one URL per QR Code.
Here is the link to the free QR Code Generator.
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When you use the Free QR Code generator and you hit the download button stop and count to 10 slowly. That will download the QR code without you having to sign up for a free account.

Reviews Example, Link Tree

Link Tree Example

Here is an example of how a link tree works. How you do it is you create one page on your website that has different linked options.
This for example could be a review page.
The QR code could be on your worksheet and that URL links back to your Link Tree. You leave the worksheet at every customer’s house.

One QR Code for All Worksheets

When the customer scans the QR code it takes them to a page with all your cleaning techs. They then can rate whichever tech cleaned their house that day.

You’re Not Alone in this Link Tree

At the bottom of this link tree, you’ll notice we’ve included other reviews. This gets people started. Reading what other people said helps them agree or come up with their own review but it makes them feel like they are not the first to leave a review. Nobody wants to be first to rate and review your company.

Link Tree – Include Your Services

You’ll also notice at the bottom we have other services we also offer. This gives the person viewing your link tree the option to rate a specific service.
*You could also have links to your various upsell packages – so a customer could rate just the deep clean or just the appliance package…
Does that make sense?
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