Why Did You Remove My Post?

Questions Asked About Post Removal

  • The company lied why did you remove my post? 
  • I had a bad experience why did you remove my post?
  • I got ripped off why did you remove my post? 
  • Why are you standing up for a company that ripped me off?

Why We Removed Your Post

We’re sorry we felt the need to remove your post.

As a group of professional cleaning business owners, we are constantly trying out new software, apps, coaches, consultants, products, and other things that promise to streamline our business processes.
If you purchased a product, service, or app and it malfunctioned – PLEASE CONTACT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. 
Please don’t bring your dirty laundry in this group and air it in front of their other customers and clients. Give them a chance to make it right privately without crucifying them in a public forum. It’s not fair to all the start-up businesses who like you are trying to find their footing in this industry – and it makes you look unprofessional.
You would be sad if someone smacked your business in a group of 19K members.
NOTE: ALL cleaning products have contact information on both the bottles and the SDS sheets. Coaches, consultants, apps, and software all have websites. This is a group of professionals. Please act accordingly.

– Angela and the Savvy Cleaner Team

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