Trackable Learning

Trackable Learning Saves Time

Trackable learning allows you to save light-years off the learning curve when you hire and onboard new staff. Most cleaning companies fall apart when the owner trains the first new hire.

The new hire trains the next hire, and they train the next. Each trainer adds their own spin and shortcuts. Before long, the third or fourth cleaning technician is taking shortcuts and not doing what the owner trained the lead. And without trackable learning, you have no idea what your employees know.

Everyone Learns the Same Information

With trackable learning, you simply onboard each new hire with their own Savvy Cleaner account. They learn the exact same training you learned. And the exact same training as all your other hires and you can track their progress as they complete courses.

There are quizzes at the end of each course to verify the employee has learned and understands the lessons.

The course completion is their employee digital file that shows they have completed their i-learning.

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