TikTok Posts

TikTok Posts

With TikTok posts, we create a post – (or a series of posts) that highlight the benefits and features of your product or service and how it applies to cleaning or cleaning business owners.

TikTok Posts to Savvy Cleaner

  • Our creative team comes up with a way to illustrate, show or dance along with your product or service. This includes licensing music, graphics, etc. and then posting the TikTok to Savvy Cleaner.

  • This campaign includes a CoverageBook for tracking your posts, likes and shares.

Best Fit:

Vacuums, Mops, Steamers, Brushes, Cleaning Chemicals, PPE, Aprons, Cloths, Sponges Cleaning Companies, Brands, etc.


  • Insurance
  • Verification Programs
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Cleaning Coaching / Cleaning Training / Courses
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 * Prices based on market value go up on the 1st of each month. Prices this month will be held until Dec 01, 2022

Next Steps

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Upload Your Images

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Creative Meeting

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Step #4

Track Conversions

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  • How do I advertise my service with Savvy Cleaner’s TikTok audience?
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