About this Policy

This policy describes what to expect when requesting help and assistance from the Savvy Support team.

If you have any questions or concerns with regards to this policy you should contact us before requesting support.

What is Covered by Support

We only provide support for paid products sold or distributed via SavvyCleaner.com and for free products developed by Savvy Cleaner and distributed via SavvyCleaner.com.

We provide assistance with product installation, configuration, and usage. This includes providing you with guides and tutorials. Guides and tutorials may include a written step-by-step walk-through, screenshots, or videos. We may provide both bespoke and preexisting resources.

What is Not Covered by Support

We do not provide support for third-party products and tools.

We do not provide general WordPress support. Support for WordPress is available in the WordPress.org forums.

We do not provide general Quickbooks support. Support for QuickBooks is available in the QuickBooks forum.

We do not offer support for outdated accounts of Savvy Cleaner. Please make sure your account is current and in good standing before submitting a support ticket.

Who is Eligible for Support

Our paid products, subscriptions, and memberships give the purchaser access to our support desk for the duration of the product subscription.

We do not provide support for individuals without active subscriptions.

Support for Free Products

Individuals using only free products are eligible for support on the Contact Us page.

Social media platforms support policies forbidding us to provide support for our paid products in their groups. If you are using our paid products, you should only use our support desk.

Bugs and Defects

We will fix any bugs or defects in our products as quickly as possible once they have been brought to our attention and verified. We will try to provide small temporary solutions where possible with the final fix coming from a product update.


Our products are provided as-is. We do not customize them to meet additional specifications or requirements beyond the scope of their existing capabilities.

We do not provide support for any customization that has been made to our products.

Support Channels

We only provide support through our support desk and in through our contact us page.

We do not provide support in any other channel or medium including, but not limited to: direct emails, contact forms, comments on blog posts, videos, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slack, Instagram, chat, or video clients.

The blue “Live Chat” button found on savvycleaner.com is not a support channel. Our team members in the live chat  will direct you to open a support request if they are unable to provide you with adequate answers to your questions.

Using the Support Desk

In order to receive support, you must submit a new support request through our support desk.

Once a support request has been opened, you may communicate with us through email by replying to our email responses or by returning to the support desk and adding a new reply to the existing request.

New support requests cannot be opened via email.

Community and Self-Service Support Options

We have many resources, guides, and tutorials you may find helpful prior to requesting support:

  • The Knowledge Base contains many tutorials, guides, and articles on how to use our products.
  • Savvy Cleaner is home to a growing number of free courses you can take to learn how to use our products, training and more.
  • Our YouTube channel has hundreds of videos you can watch to learn about our products, WordPress, and more.

If you’re looking for support from fellow users and community members, check out our Facebook Group or  We have a very active community of users who are always ready to help out their fellow course creators.

General and Pre-Sales Questions

Any general inquiries or questions about our products prior to purchase should be asked via our contact forms.

Updated as of 12/18/2023