Savvy Cleaner Referral Program

The Savvy Cleaner referral program gives you cashback when a house cleaner or maid you refer joins the Savvy Cleaner Training program.

Get Paid For Referrals

The purpose of this affiliate program is to show you how to promote and recommend Savvy Cleaner services on your site, in your blogs, or in any other form of electronic marketing, and get paid a commission on services purchased by the people you refer.

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Another Stream of Income

Over the years we’ve found that the people who refer house cleaners to our training programs are often not in the program, but customers whose house cleaners have gone through our program. 

For this reason, we don’t give you a discount on your membership – but give you cash back as a way of saying thanks for the vote of confidence. 

Who Can Join the Savvy Cleaner Referral Program?

Anyone can apply, but not everyone will be approved. Our affiliates are real people, not bots who spam sites with a mass posting of random links.

The best referrers we have are people who watch the Ask a House Cleaner YouTube show, read our blogs, use our cleaning tips, or follow us on social media because they find value in the Savvy Cleaner values and methods of cleaning. 

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