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The paid courses on Savvy Cleaner are not like our free content. While there is a lot of Savvy Cleaner content on the open market, the courses are different. If you’ve been following us on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Reddit, Quora, our blogs, websites, RSS feeds, Linkedin, webinars, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Twitter, our live seminars, public speeches, Amazon, private or group coaching, you are familiar with the fundamentals we teach.

We’ve utilized all of the available channels to test our content and get feedback from other professional house cleaners, homeowners, and Airbnb hosts who hire cleaners.

The courses we’ve put together are the best of our content reformatted in a way that cleaning technicians can use.

We’ve also educated your clients on upsell packages so you don’t have to re-educate them on the importance and necessity of hiring you for extra work.

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