Insurance Questions

Insurance Questions for House Cleaning

Insurance is recommended for anyone who accepts payment for cleaning. Here’s a video from the Ask a House Cleaner Collection that explains the following:

0:00 – Why do you need insurance for as a house cleaner?
0:16 – Meet Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru
1:17 – Do you need insurance as a solo cleaner?
1:25 – Do you need bonding and insurance if you clean houses?
1:43 – Can you pay for your insurance in monthly payments?
2:05 – Why is insurance important for a maid service?
2:53 – How insurance and deductibles work
3:35 – When should you buy an insurance policy for your cleaning business?
5:08 – Why you shouldn’t lie about having insurance
6:16 – Can you lose business if you are not insured?
6:39 – What is bonding and how does it work?
7:41 – What is a rider?
9:30 – Do people hire companies who are insured over those uninsured?
10:11 – Insurance provides peace of mind for those who hire you

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Common Ways to Ask This Question

  • Is insurance just for cleaning companies or do solo cleaners need insurance too?
  • Do I need insurance if I’m just starting out?
  • Do I need bonding and insurance or just insurance?
  • What is the difference between bonding and insurance?
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