How Long Does it Take to Go Through the Training?

Go At Your Own Pace

There is no time limit required.
All the cleaning technicians and cleaning business owners in our program are in different places regarding the amount of available study time they have in their workday.
Go through the courses as time permits.

The courses are not in semester format where they start and finish at a certain time.
Go through them in a weekend, or take a couple of months to complete the series.

Designed For Business Growth & Development

The memberships are designed to help you grow your cleaning business.
There are new courses coming out all the time. As long as your membership is active you will have access to the available now courses.

You will also have access to the refresher courses each quarter to keep your certifications active.

As a member, you get to join the live group mastermind meetings held via zoom.

Jump on a live call and get your cleaning business questions answered and learn from others working through some of the same issues.

Stay As Long As You’re Learning

Stay as long as you feel you need to – or leave when you feel you’re done.
We don’t charge a joining or an exit fee.

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