How Do I Charge for Commercial Cleaning Jobs?

Common Commercial Bidding Jobs Questions:

  • How do I charge for commercial cleaning jobs? 
  • I want to do commercial cleaning how do I know how to bid? 
  • What do I charge for cleaning offices? 
  • What do I charge for cleaning stores?
  • I want to bid on a strip mall how much do I charge?

The Differences in Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a bit out of our realm of expertise.
The insurance is different, the floor vacuums and burnishers you use to clean the floors are big industrial pieces of equipment. The cleaning carts you carry cleaning supplies are way bigger than a handheld cleaning caddy.

Usually, with commercial cleaning jobs, you’re cleaning bathrooms with several toilets and sinks, windows, doors, etc. And often at night when the customers are gone.
There is also restocking paper supplies, toilet paper, paper towels in restrooms, soap in soap dispensers, etc.
It’s just a different ball of wax than house cleaning for these and so many more reasons.

Should you decide you want to go this route, you may want to consider this software Clean Bid by Clean Guru.
This software will ask you a series of questions and help you uncover the things you need to bid the job correctly.

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