Delegate: The Secret to House Cleaning Success

Delegate Tasks to Streamline your House Cleaning Business

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Best Task or Job You’ve Delegated? – Your Answers

  1. Landscaping so I could spend more time with my family.
  2. House painting. I’ve always done the painting at our house, but with the new cleaning business, I was too busy. Paid someone else this time.
  3. Car washing. I took your advice to buy a monthly unlimited car wash package. Now I save time driving through the machine rather than trying to find time to clean it myself. My car gets washed more for less time and effort plus they have free vacuums.
  4. After my husband left I delegated being a stay at home mom to a nanny so I could work and provide for my family.  And the time I spent with my kids was quality time rather than us all getting on each other’s nerves and me stressing out because we had no money to pay bills.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Do It Yourself First – Delegate Second.

Imagine you go to a baker. You say: “I’m thinking of something you make with flour, it’s baked, then you use it to make a sandwich.” Delegate to the Baker dough ball pinched with fingers

The baker says: “You’ve come to the right place.”
You leave and come back later to pick up a hot loaf of bread. Instead, the baker gives you a bag of pitas.

Whaat? Technically the baker gave you what you asked for. But the finished product doesn’t match your expectations.

If you delegate a task and you don’t describe exactly what you expect – you might end up with disappointing results.

House cleaners by nature are DIY people. And I don’t mean they are control freaks. I mean they are creative, efficient workers who know that if they want something done right, they can do it themselves. I recommend this approach as you start your business.

By doing a task yourself, you learn how long it is going to take. You figure out what resources you need to complete that task. As a creative, you find the cheapest, most efficient way to do the task. This is powerful information. 

Once you know the elements of a task you can template it. Document the process, the cost, the time, and any methods used for efficiency. 

It’s easy to go to the baker wanting a loaf of bread. When you get the pitas you get angry and wish you had shopped somewhere else. But it’s not the baker’s fault. He did his best to match your explanation. When you do it yourself, you expand your knowledge and your ability to describe what you need in terms the baker can visualize.

These rules apply to the tasks you will delegate in your cleaning business. Do it yourself first. Delegate second. 

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Social Media = Delegate to Filters, Apps & Plugins

Delegate technology 3d guy with flash drive, Savvy CleanerThanks to technology we can connect with prospects and clients in a bigger, faster way. The challenge is to figure out how to make social media and websites work for us, not against us. 

The good news is that with the new technology there are lots of new apps, plugins, filters and code snippets. Every day they (the code writing geniuses that create all this stuff) release new bits to the market. 

Some of it is free and some of it is premium (meaning you have to pay a small token fee to access it.)

So ask yourself this question; How much time would it take me to create this plugin myself? Or pay someone to reinvent the wheel and create it for me? Or should I pay $14.95 one time and activate someone else’s plugin and have it working in seconds?

Buy the plugins. They are tax deductible. And they will save you enormous amounts of DIY time. This is another way to delegate technology tasks and buy your time back. Now you can focus on the day-to-day operations of running a business. 

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Time Saving Hack of the Week = Delegate With The End In Mind

When you think of time-saving hacks you think of shortcuts and automation. This is a long-term time-saving hack that requires an upfront investment of time and patience.  Delegate Tasks for Small Business, Savvy CleanerBut will save you in the long run. It is best to plan these delegation tasks while your business is young. Don’t wait until you are so swamped with work that you don’t have time to teach someone new. 

When you delegate chores for the first time to a new employee or contractor there is a period of awkwardness.

You give up control to someone else.

And in order for them to thrive in their new position, you need to give  them space to make mistakes. 

Be clear about your expectations.

Let them know you will be checking in on them at a certain point. But don’t micromanage.

Be available for questions or suggestions they might have.

Butt out of the way while they figure out the new job.

Look for things they did right.

Celebrate and reward the wins in the new relationship.

As your employee gains confidence in their new task, step back and let them have more control.

This frees you up to do what you do best. Time saved.

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 What’s going on with Angela?

In the middle of a grueling work week, Pat dragged me out for a little fun. We caught it on camera. Enjoy!

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