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SM Getting Started Basics BP- Featured

Getting Started Basics

Learn all the basics. Company name, logo, LLC, DBA, EIN, ITIN, SSN. The types of records to file and keep. Bonding and Insurance, business licenses and more.

Social Media Marketing SM Featured

Social Media Marketing

Boost Your Business with these cutting edge social media strategies. This course focuses on all the free-to-submit possibilities - with a strategy.

Uniforms SM Featured

Branding Your Business with Uniforms

Create a physical image your customers will be proud to recommend to their friends. Comfortable, wrinkle resistant, durable options effective for cleaning.

How to Ace a Walkthrough - Featured

How to Ace a Walkthrough

Learn to recognize objections and buying signals during the walkthrough. What to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you quote the right price.

Solo Business Operators SM Featured

Solo Business Operator Success Secrets

Start a business with little or no money. Bootstrapping ways to get started in the cleaning business. Business strategy to get you going the right way from the start.

Referral Cover Page

How to Ace the Referral Game

Learn how to create a referral vortex where you draw in more customers than you'll ever be able to service. Save thousands in advertising with this proven system.

How to Upsell Extra & Side Services

Learn ways to upsell your services to fill in the money gaps during the slow months. Create and pre-sell upgrade packages to existing clients.

Hoarding SM Featured

Types of Hoarding and How to Charge

Learn how to recognize the different types of hoarding, and ways to manage and price your services.

Health of a House Cleaner SM Featured, Savvy Cleaner Course

Health of a House Cleaner

Cleaning is physical. The better you feel, the more productive you will be. Learn how to work healthy and create energy boosting systems for you and your team.

Franchises - SM Featured


Buy a franchise or build a franchise. Begin with the end in mind so all decisions made lead you towards your ultimate goal.

Cover Image - Working With Friends and Family

Working with Friends and Family

Avoid common blind spots that wreak havoc by creating boundaries with friends and family who work with you in your business.

Billing and Collections SM Featured, Savvy Cleaner Course

Easy Billing and Collections

Learn how to create automatic billing and collection systems and stop chasing money.

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