Recent Clutter Corner Shows

Show’s We’re Shooting Now

Topics we’re shooting in June 2022:

  • Coat Closet
  • Refrigerator
  • Toybox
  • Game Cupboard or Closet
  • Makeup Drawer
  • Kitchen Cupboard
  • Old School Books

How it Works

Fill out a form with your availability and if the topic is still open, Angela will confirm a time to drop by with a couple of lights and cameras, and together you will declutter one small area of your home. She will ask questions and help you create new rules about that thing.

  • Clutter Corner Sessions usually last 30 – 45 min.


Because we both live in the same area, we know lots of the same neighbors. So, the rules are if we come to your house, we will never talk about any of the neighbors, their homes, or their clutter. Working together is a respectful process and a safe place.

Your Privacy

Because this is a YouTube show we don’t use last names or tell people where you live for privacy reasons. We do ask that you remove any family identifying information (mail, bills, and family photos) from the area we will be filming in – so we don’t exploit you or your family.

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