Starting a Cleaning Company In India


I’m starting a cleaning company in India. Help!

I am from Mumbai-India and don’t know where to start to get my cleaning business off the ground. Please advise.

Professional House Cleaners Facebook Group

Starting a cleaning company in India is a bit different from the USA. We can give you information from the USA and will lean on you to make adjustments to fit your country and clients. 

First, we have Professional House Cleaners Facebook Group that has lots of people from India. Come join us if you are not a member.

We also have a learning hub where we walk you step-by-step through starting and growing your cleaning business. 

Learning Hub

Savvy Cleaner Courses Reviews and Testimonials

By the way, we also have a YouTube channel that has lots of videos that can help you start your business. Here is the link, I recommend watching a few a day. While they may not apply exactly to your situation, they will give you lots of food for thought. 

Angela Brown also wrote a How to Start Your Own Cleaning Company book that you can download free on Amazon. 

You can read it on any device with the free Kindle app. 

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