Clean Each Room Step-by-Step

Do you offer courses that clean each room step-by-step in the house efficiently and effectively, from top to bottom, for both a maintenance and deep cleaning?

I’ve located several helpful videos on ask a house cleaner, such as cleaning an oven, shower, cupboards, etc. but I’m wondering if you offer step by step clean training courses? Of course I know how to clean but I am under the impression that by purchasing the savvy cleaner membership I can be trained the savvy cleaner way and when I decide to grow my business my employees can also train to clean the savvy cleaner way.  This way we are consistent and follow the same cleaning system. Is this something that you offer or do I need to create my own cleaning system to follow? I do not see it listed under My Courses.

Clean Each Room Step-by-Step, Woman with gloves cleaning

Based on almost 30 years of training we have created a step-by-step for your house cleaning business success. There is a lot of homework and a lot of questions to answer. The big $6,997 pack is now a membership with courses and coaching where each step builds on top of each other.

Clean each room step-by-step is part of it but we have a lot of other steps to cover first for reasons that will make sense as we go. 

If you need the courses you are asking for today then my recommendation is yes, please create them.

If you have more questions you can hit the red question mark in any sidebar to ask. We are here to help. 

If the Savvy Cleaner program is not the type of help you need, you can can cancel your account any time by clicking on the cancel button from the header under My Account.

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