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What Are Your best Social Media Tips For Building Your Brand? – Your Answers

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#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Last Week:

  1. Use the same profile picture on all social media platforms to create consistency in your brand.
  2. Post regularly. This keeps you visible in the eyes of the search engines and your clients.
  3. Have a separate house cleaning business page on Facebook to keep personal and professional accounts separate.
  4. Use keywords that revolve around your business such as house cleaning, housekeeper, maid, cleaning, maid service, organization, clutter, space savers, decluttering, clean, clutter-free, shiny, polished, sparkling, home cleaning etc.
  5. Learn social media. It’s not going away. If you are a professional – you need to be on all the platforms because your clients are on various platforms.

 #WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Next Week & Next Weeks Newsletter Topic:

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Ask a House Cleaner – Social Media Tips: Consistency

Social media tips and logosPaula’s family just moved to a new city which meant she needed new service providers. Electricians, Day Care, Salon, Dentist and house cleaners. 

She didn’t know any of her new neighbors yet so she couldn’t ask for referrals. So she did what any of us would do – she turned to the internet, (and particularly ratings and review sites like Angie’s List.)

Once she found a house cleaner, she went to social media to “learn more” about the woman she planned to hire.

Guess what she found on Facebook? A profile picture of a dog.

The other pictures that were visible were scantily clad braggadocios selfies of a woman in front of her bathroom mirror.

Paula moved on. Even though the house cleaner was paying for a business listing on the rating and review site, she screwed up her marketing efforts. She lost a job by not matching the brand across social media. You’re not a reckless teenager anymore. You’re a business owner – your profile picture needs to represent that. You don’t have to have a professional take the picture, but make sure you use good lighting and wear clothes.

Does your social media match the brand you are promoting?

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Social Media: Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising vs. Marketing for House Cleaners, Savvy CleanerQuestions about advertising on social media come up in training every day. House cleaners want to know if they should be creating paid ads on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Instagram.

The short answer to the question is not when you are just starting out.

Have you built out your professional social media pages? If not, do this before you do paid advertising.

Do you have a business website? If the answer is no – then advertising now is going to be a waste of money. Sure, you can throw money at advertising and drive traffic – but to where? Where are you sending people? What will they find when they get there?

Advertising costs money. Marketing costs time. If you are just starting out, focus your time building your brand through marketing. Once your marketing can back up your advertising claims – then drop some money into social media ads – but not until.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Social Media Tips Include a Shopping List

You can tell a lot about a person who grocery shops with a shopping list. Words that come to mind are these:

  • Budget-conscioussocial media tips
  • Organized
  • Thought out
  • Planner
  • Strategic
  • Systematized
  • Logical
  • Structured
  • Methodical
  • Orderly
  • Sensible

So imagine if you applied shopping list like qualities to your time on social media.

Let’s suppose you have five social media platforms you frequent.  Then make a list of how you are going to build your brand on each one. Pick the keywords will you use. What message do you want to convey? What is your call to action – or what do you want people to do with the information you are sharing or posting?

Then just like shopping in a grocery store – get in, meet your goals, and get out. If you meander up and down the isles of the social media platforms you will waste lots of time and get sidetracked and your marketing efforts will suffer. 

Sure, you can spend as much time as you like goofing off on social media – but if you meet your business objectives first – at least it will be time well spent.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Congratulations!Gear Changers Poster, Savvy Cleaner with Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners wrapped up on Wednesday. We had an enthusiastic group complete a series of web-based training to grow their cleaning businesses. 

In just eight weeks, the attendees restructured their business models from the ground up. They created a business structure for scheduling appointments. And set rules and regulations to guide their employees and clients. They built websites and renovated their social media platforms. Then they blazed through the health and safety training. And they learned how to troubleshoot not-so-common, things that go wrong while house cleaning.

They learned how to deal with difficult and high-maintenance clients and a whole bunch more really cool stuff.

Now they are no longer run of the mill house cleaners – they are The Gear Changers.


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Sales Tips for your House Cleaning Business @SavvyCleaner

Sales Edition

Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Time Saving Hacks

For House Cleaners, Maids & Janitors

by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

Sales Tips for Your Cleaning Business – Your Answers

 Sales puzzle

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the Week:

What is your best sales pitch closing line?

Sales Pitch – Include Scarcity

Sales end at midnight. Prices never this low again. Only one left.

Sales Pitch Must Include Questions

Why don’t you give us a try? What have you got to lose? This makes sense doesn’t it?

Sales Must Be Preceded with Know, Like & Trust

Will you marry me? Let’s grab lunch.

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#WorkSmartNotHard, The Upsell, Savvy Cleaner

* Send us your answers to AngelaBrown(at) / Check out this newsletter next week for best answers.

Tips Savvy Savvy CleanerSales for Your Cleaning Business Starts with Persuasion

 How to connect in business

Sales Starts with a First Impression and Ends with Personal Persuasion

Nicholas Boothman (Author: How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less)

“Sooner or later, every successful person realizes that to get what you want from other people, they have to want to help you. There are only six ways you can get people to do things; by law, with money, by emotional force, physical force, the lure of physical beauty, or by persuasion. Of these, persuasion is the most efficient. Persuasion is more powerful, frequently quicker, usually cheaper, and yields more effective results than legal pressure, financial indulgence, emotional duress, physical force, or beauty. The problem is that if you blow your first impression, you take persuasion off the table.”


 Joe Girard

Be Sold On What You Sell

Joe Girard (Author: How to Close Every Sale)

“Before you can sell your product (or service) to somebody else, you must be 100 percent sold on it yourself. Otherwise, you can’t sell with conviction. And no matter how much you try to fake it, people will see right through you.”


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Ask a House Cleaner – Sales That Build Credibility

House Cleaning Sales from Smartphone, Savvy CleanerIf you want to be seen as a house cleaning expert, you need to ask expert questions of your prospects. No house cleaning deal can happen without an initial phone call or text. Someone who needs cleaning calls and asks you pricing and other information to qualify you and see if you’re a good fit for their cleaning needs. That first phone call is a sale. You’re selling the next step in the sales cycle which is the walk-through. If you ask and answer the questions correctly in this first step, you are invited over to come give an estimate or a bid.

Once at the prospective client’s home, you will ask and answer a series of new questions. The conversation advances you through the sales process to a close which ends with you getting the cleaning job. Before the phone rings, you need to know how you run your business. What are your rules and regulations? What do you do that makes you stand out from every other house cleaner on the market? Leading with authority during these first two sales opportunities builds trust. People buy from (and do business with) people they know, like and trust.

Be the person they know, like and trust.

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Social Media Tips to Boost Sales

facebook like buttonEverybody is on social media these days, including your prospective clients. And if they are thinking about hiring you, they are going to check your social media channels. What type of person are you? They need to know because they will be inviting you into their home. You will be working around their stuff. And their families, and their pets, and elderly parents. They want to know what you look like. How do you present yourself?

If your Facebook page is cluttered with half naked selfies, or political rants – that could be enough to lose the sale. I asked a woman yesterday how she chose her current house cleaner and she told me that she searched and found the house cleaners Facebook page. The house cleaner had posted lots of cleaning tips (which built credibility.) She also had lots of personal posts about 5K and 10K races she’d run. The woman assumed since the house cleaner was in shape and valued her own health, she’d be a good fit because the house cleaner’s values matched those of the buyer.¬† Make sure that your posts, scopes, tweets, chats, and hangouts reflect the message that will close sales.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Sales on a Schedule

One of the biggest problems house cleaners have is following through on the business side of things. They are fantastic at cleaning, but they don’t return phone calls. Or they don’t collect money owed. green clock to keep track of salesOr they don’t have a set time for marketing. The biggest time saver you will ever have in your cleaning business is momentum. You can generate momentum by setting aside 15 minutes at the end of each day to “keep the ball rolling.”

  • Bring in your cleaning supplies from your car.
  • Take inventory.
  • Fill your cleaning bottles.
  • Clean and replenish your cleaning caddy.
  • Wash and restock your cleaning rags.
  • Close out your accounts for the day.
  • Deposit on your mobile phone, any checks you received during the day. Make sure any credit card payments are processed.
  • Look at your calendar for tomorrow. Do you have client’s with special requests or special cleaning detergents? Pack those now.
  • Text tomorrows clients a reminder about your cleaning appointment.
  • Return any phone calls or emails that came in while you were out cleaning.
  • Make a social media post on each of the platforms with a cleaning tip or a good idea to boost your brand.
  • Bam! The 15 minutes you just spent, saved you hours, days & weeks completely reinventing the wheel.

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¬†What’s going on with Angela? – Sales through Online Training

Pull marketing for sales, girls being pulled on sledWe launched our Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for House Cleaners this past week. It is an 8 week online training course designed  to walk you through the sales process and seamlessly close sales, and make those sales stick.

We covered the difference between advertising vs. marketing. Then we really drilled down and separated push marketing vs. pull marketing. Instead of wasting all your resources paying for advertising and pushing it out into the marketplace, we learned how to attract business. It’s a sales process that is easy and effortless and inspires your clients to WANT to help you. It’s not too late to join us.


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Start a Cleaning Business @SavvyCleaner

Start a Cleaning Business Edition 

Tips to Start a Cleaning Business – Your Answers

hand draws the big idea

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the Week:

What is your best tip for starting a cleaning business?

Use a Survey

A: Create a survey for your prospects. When you go to estimate a job, you can run through the survey (with the prospect) to find out where their hot buttons are. It’s easy to close the deal if you can offer solutions to their cleaning challenges. – Jeff D.,  Shelby, NC

Highlight Your Strengths

B: Before you start a cleaning business, take an inventory of your strengths. How long have you been cleaning? What training have you had? Are you OSHA certified? Put those things on your flyers to let people know who they’re dealing with. – Jose A.,  Paducah, KY

Start a Cleaning Business Without Family

C: Never hire family members. They are too comfortable with you and don’t show the same respect you’ll get from an employee. Also, if they get lazy, it’s harder to fire them.  – Melanie S., Cleveland TX

Start a Cleaning Business Already

D. Just do it. There will never be a perfect time to start a cleaning business. Don’t wait until you know everything. Learn it as you go. You will get better as time goes on. – Sarah  J.,  Surrey, BC

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#WorkSmartNotHard best closing line, Savvy Cleaner

What’s your best closing line? Weigh in below in the comments section.

Tips Savvy Savvy CleanerStart a Cleaning Business for Beginners

Start a Cleaning Business Part Time

Female college student on campusA house cleaning business is a great job for a college student. College students are not going to have years of cleaning experience. Any client knows that.

Everybody wants to help the underdog. They understand the needs of a student-focused enough to go to school and work.

So if you are a student, starting a cleaning business part-time – sell that. It will amaze you how many people will work around your school schedule. And this will give you spending money to get through school and help you pay down student loans.

Start a Cleaning Business with a Checklist

ocean island checklistWe’re going on a cruise to the Virgin Islands in two weeks. I’ve made a checklist of all the things I need to bring with me. Sunscreen, hat, Dramamine, flip-flops, toothbrush, passport….I don’t want to get there and be so caught up in the thrill of the moment that I forget to bring my camera.

When you start a cleaning business the same rules apply. You don’t want to get so excited when the phone rings, with a customer on the other end, that you forget to explain your rules and regulations. It’s like forgetting your camera on your cruise of a lifetime.

Before you find yourself stumbling through answers on a phone call, or your first walk-through, make sure you’ve got a checklist of items of business you want to cover with the client. It will make working together easy and effortless.


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Ask a House Cleaner – Start a Cleaning Business with Scarcity

I got a frantic call from a house cleaner this past week. A girl who was starting a cleaning business part-time. She was keeping her other part-time job as security to pay her bills during the transition. Scheduling A Meeting In A Diary

She bid a job and got the contract – Woohoo! But there was a problem. The new cleaning client wanted a Friday morning cleaning. And that time slot competed with her other job. She wasn’t ready to go full time with the cleaning business and didn’t know how to tell her new client she couldn’t grant that time slot.

House cleaners by nature are people pleasers.

We get paid to clean and create a happy space for our clients. So it’s no surprise she would want to accommodate a new client.

The first thing you need to remember about starting your own cleaning company is you are in charge. You are the boss. You get to pick the hours. If you only have Thursday to clean, block out Thursday for cleaning. How many hours will you work and how many houses will you be able to clean? Two? Three houses? When a prospect calls looking for house cleaning, you can let them know: “I have two openings on Thursday, one from 8:00-11:00 and one from 2:00-5:00. Which one works best for you?”

You Don’t Need to Go into All the Reasons Why

If all you have is Thursday, you are creating scarcity. The prospect assumes you must be in demand because you have a firm schedule and no other availability. With scarcity, you send the prospect an unconscious message. That silent message is loud and clear.

I value my time so I work from a schedule. Because I’m busy, I don’t have empty time slots just sitting around waiting for me to fill. It’s amazing how many times over the past twenty some years I’ve heard a client say “Nope, I can only do Friday morning.” And when you don’t have it to give, how quickly they will change their schedules to accommodate you. If you can’t find an agreeable schedule to both of you, you can put the client on a waiting list with first right of refusal if that time slot ever opens again.

Creating scarcity of time is not a Jedi mind trick – it’s a way to create and run a tight schedule. This allows you to fit in more clients, serve more people and make more money. It’s all in the way you present it.

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Start a Cleaning Business with Old Fashioned Technology

phone & email needed to start a cleaning business, Savvy Cleaner

I’m talking about the telephone and email. Let me explain.

I coach house cleaners and maids. Some of them have been in business for years, and they call me when they hit a business slump. Together we troubleshoot their problems or work on new strategies to keep their business rolling.

Well, this past week a house cleaner who has been in business for a couple of decades, calls me in a panic. Her house cleaning clients are dropping like flies. And she can’t figure out why. It is perplexing that they aren’t contacting her to at least have a conversation. So we put together a survey with a few questions that begged honest answers.

During the week, we uncovered the culprit: flashy social media apps. Her commitment to them was distorting her common business sense.

Enamored with Snap chat, Instagram, Periscope and Facebook Live

She was busy cleaning houses, but when she got home at night, she was ignoring her phone messages and email. Her phone message box was full, and you couldn’t leave a message. Emails piled up in her inbox and she had no intention of checking them.

“Email is so 90’s. Nobody is emailing anymore.” She told me. “Everybody just texts or uses IM.”

Truth was, her clients were emailing her because they couldn’t leave her a phone message. Her clients had changes, cancellations, questions or special requests. All their requests were ignored and went unanswered. The clients felt she’d lost touch and they found somebody else more “in tune.”  It was simple math with a simple resolve.

The point of my story is that it’s easy to get distracted with shiny new apps and social media platforms. But if your clients are still using email and the telephone, you still need to as well. If you run a cleaning business, you need to make time each day to return your calls, and check your emails – otherwise, it could be costing you business.

Hack of the Week spacer Savvy Cleaner

Time-Saving Hack of the Week – Start a Cleaning Business with a Business Plan

Have a business plan. Lots of house cleaners wing it. When they get started in business they buy a few supplies, run a few flyers and hope for the best. That’s awesome and will get you going – but it’s not enough to sustain you for the long haul.

If you are going to start a cleaning business, and you plan on making enough money to retire on, you have to have a road map. That will keep you on target during the days when things get tough.

Usa map with us dollarYour Plan Should Include:

Education. This is the learning you will need to start your business.

Supplies. What supplies do you need to run your business? Where will you buy them? How much do they cost?

Earnings. How much money do you need to earn to pay your bills?

Savings. What is the amount of money you will need to put away for retirement? Or your kid’s college education? For your wedding? For your divorce? etc.

Advertising/Marketing: How will you get the word out about your business? Do you know how much it’s going to cost? And do you have a budget for that?

Hidden Costs. What are the hidden costs in your business? (This is lost money when a client cancels or when an employee doesn’t show. Or it could include theft or damage litigations etc.)

Growth. When it’s time, will you hire a recruiter to find more help? Will you train your new hires? How will you pay them? Do you need employee insurance? Medical benefits? Vacation pay? OSHA training? A payroll company?

Exit Strategy. When you’re ready to end your business – will you just say goodbye to your clients, or will you sell your business?
Having a business plan differentiates you from house cleaners who are moonlighting as a hobby. If this is a business for you, treat it like a business and create a plan.

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Creative Marketing for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Creative Marketing Edition

Creative Marketing – Your Answers from Quiz

Creative Marketing hand touching cell phone

A: Running flyers with my contact information the same day my client posts a referral on the neighborhood FB page. It gives the referral an extra boost.

B: Jog in the neighborhoods you clean in.  Stop to talk with the neighbors out walking their dog. Ask what they do for a living and they’ll ask you. Say you clean houses. They usually ask if you have a card – which you should in the armband of your iPhone holder.

C: I work in three fancy neighborhoods with club houses. Once a month there is a women’s social and I offer to be the guest speaker or host. I share with women 15 tips for cleaning their homes fast and easy. If they don’t have time to do those – of course they can hire me. I’ve got most of my business this way.

WorkSmartNotHard spacer Savvy Cleaner#WorkSmartNotHard your website Savvy Cleaner

Leave me your best tips or hacks in the review section below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Tips Savvy Savvy Cleaner

Creative Marketing

customer loyalty creative marketing, Savvy Cleaner


Creative Marketing: Loyalty Rewards

Create a punch a card – 25 house cleanings – get one free

(This will guarantee you a year worth of cleanings if your client is a bi-weekly customer and half a year of cleaning if they are a weekly client.)

Creative Marketing: Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates: Mothers day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays creative marketing through gift certificates, Savvy Cleaner

For the person who has everything. A 4-hour cleaning gift certificate is a great way to introduce yourself to a new potential client. Of course, you would treat this cleaning as an audition for more business.

(Note: Make sure you put the value on it, so the customer has an idea of your rates and how much you charge. This makes hiring you simple, without asking the family member or friend how much they paid for the gift.)

Note: You can pick up the pretty paper and matching envelopes at Office Depot or Staples. Print one for your advertisement and keep it on your website – then print your certificates with a custom note as needed. A pack of 25 should last you a couple of years.

Creative Marketing: Free Ebook

Creative marketing ebook, Savvy CleanerThis is a great free advertisement for neighborhood Facebook Group pages. Target the neighborhoods you where you work.

Offer a free ebook in exchange for people’s email addresses. Because you’ve targeted the placement of your ad, you now have an email list of people in your cleaning hub that are interested in house cleaning. Of course, you are going to offer real tips they can use to clean their own house. But at the end, you will have a real advertisement about you and your cleaning services. Make sure to include your web address, email and phone so they can contact you and hire you if they don’t have time to clean their own home.

Note: Because it’s an ebook, it can be as long or as short as you like. But in a book, there is usually a page about the author where you tell your business story.

Now you have an email list – where you can send occasional emails about promotions like gift certificates for mother’s day etc.


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Ask a House Cleaner – Creative Marketing tips for house cleaners & maids

creative marketing for your house cleaning business, Angela Brown, Ask a House CleanerCreative marketing is awesome when you’re working on a shoestring budget. Make your job fun again with these 13 innovative marketing ideas proven to keep your client interaction alive. It will also save money on advertising expense.

In 1991 I started my first house cleaning business. I was flat on my rump broke at the time and needed money to get me from here to payday. >>> read more <<<

social media spacer Savvy Cleaner

Social Media Creative Marketing Ideas

creative marketing with before and after pics, Savvy CleanerA well positioned social media post (in a private neighborhood Facebook Group – for a neighborhood you work in) could be all it takes to get your phone ringing. Make sure in your post you add something personal so it doesn’t just scream “Advertisement.” Show your personality and make sure you include your website so people can find you to hire you. They readers might also just hit reply and start a conversation – this is awesome because it gives you a public forum to answer questions about your cleaning process and business.

Hack of the Week spacer Savvy Cleaner

Time Saving Hack of the Week – Repackage your content

There is a grocery store in my neighborhood that sells rotisserie chickens. If the chickens don’t sell that day, they take the meat off the bones and cut it up and put it in the next day’s chicken salads for taking out. Same chicken repackaged to a slightly different market. They also sell apples in the produce section of the store. If the apples ripen too fast, instead of tossing them, they juice them and sell fresh apple juice at the produce juice bar. Same apples, maybe the same, maybe slightly different market.

You can use this same concept in your marketing. Every time you create a blog post, send it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. If you create an awesome graphic, send it to Instagram and Pinterest. Package your marketing as many different ways as you can without being obnoxious.

creative marketing uses, savvy cleaner



Angela Brown The House Cleaning Guru spacer Savvy Cleaner

 What’s going on with Angela? – New Production Team

creative marketing pillars, Savvy Cleaner

When I started Savvy Cleaner, the training, and certification program for house cleaners, I knew there was potential for immense growth.  I would be able to create, but not maintain the behind the scenes day-to-day office tasks. My tasks include running a blog, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, content for courses, social media, creative marketing and consulting. Each area of the business was designed as its own leg. I created eight pillars that were independent of each other, but part of the same big puzzle. As I grew, my intention was to hire a team to manage and maintain each specific aspect of the business.

This week we branched out with a new production team for our podcast leg of the business. I’m so thrilled to have some help. And I’m looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Jake and his team.


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Time Wasters for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Time Wasters Edition

Biggest Time Wasters – Your Answers from Quiz

Time Wasters basket of clocks

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the week: What are your biggest time wasters?

A: Getting lost on Facebook (or other social media)

B: Chatting with clients and not doing the house cleaning I’m supposed to do.

C: Sleeping in. I’m so tired when I wake up, I lose half my day.

D: Not having a clear plan of what I’m supposed to be doing.

WorkSmartNotHard spacer Savvy Cleaner

#WorkSmartNotHard Creative Marketing Idea Savvy Cleaner* You can leave your answers on Twitter by clicking the picture. Tune into this newsletter next week for this week’s best answers.

Tips Savvy Savvy Cleaner

Time Wasters: Tips to Save More Time

Time Wasters Home Page

Time Wasters: The Wrong Home Page

Sure, it’s interesting to see what Kim K. is wearing (or not wearing.) And it’s fun to see the latest gadgets that haven’t been invented yet or the newest film trailer of the season. But none of those things are paying your bills, or building your dreams.

Here’s a time-saving tip: Change your homepage. If you open the internet and it defaults to TMZ or AOL, you’re asking to get sucked into a vortex of time killing drama. Change your home page to something simple and not distracting like Google. How do you change your homepage?

Chrome – Change Your Home Page

Internet Explorer 11 – Change Your HomePage

Mozilla – Change Your Home Page

Safari – Change Your Home Page


Time Wasters cigarette chained to man

Time Wasters – Smoking Breaks

Back in the olden days, everybody smoked in their homes and offices and it was no big thing. Now it is.

You have to not only leave the building, you have to go to some hidden secluded place that takes five minutes to get there. Another 15 minutes to smoke and five minutes to get back. By the time you get back to what you were doing you fell out of the rhythm of your work and you’ve wasted 25 minutes.

Your time would be better spent exercising for 15 minutes if you have the time to spare. Better for your brain, better for your lungs, better for the environment.


Time Wasters Notifications for apps

Time Wasters: App Notifications

Many of the apps you have on your phone don’t need to interrupt you. If you are focusing on your family, your job or your sleep, you don’t need to be disrupted. It’s so easy to let the apps on our phones take control of our time.

Time Saving Tip: Turn them off. Unless you really need them, turn them off.

Make a schedule 3-4 times a day where you check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin accounts if you have to. But don’t let every news blurb, or friend update rob you of your focus and attention.

If the matter is really pressing, somebody will call you or text you.


Cleaning Caddy spacer Savvy Cleaner

Ask a House Cleaner – 15 Ways House Cleaners are Killing Time

Killing time, time wasters Angela Brown, Ask a House Cleaner

social media spacer Savvy Cleaner

Mobile Phone Time Wasters – Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoPok√©mon Go was the new kid on the block this last week released in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices. It immediately killed the productivity of just about every small business owner including house cleaners. Not to mention burning through cellular data like wildfire and sparking online game addictions in people who didn’t know they were at risk.

What is Pokemon Go? I downloaded it just to see and after a few brief minutes immediately deleted it from my phone – Yep, it would be super easy to be sucked into the time warping free to play, location-based, augmented reality cell phone game developed by Niantic and produced by The Pokemon Company.

The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on device screens as though in the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices. The game is free-to-play, although it supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items.
Hack of the Week spacer Savvy Cleaner

Time Saving Hack of the Week – Pack Ahead

time wasters not packing in advanceGoing on my summer vacation I knew I would need to pack a suitcase of clothes and a camera case with a tripod, cameras, GoPros, lights etc. Instead of staying up all night before my trip trying to figure out what to take, I laid a suitcase out a few days prior. As I would use something, and it went into that “Oh I’m going to need this on my trip, but not until” category, it went into the suitcases. Packing the day of the trip was a breeze since I had plenty of time to think about what I would need and was not rushed.

Other versions of this are to lay out your clothes tonight for tomorrow – so you don’t waste time tomorrow when you’re in a hurry.
When finding things around the house that need to go upstairs, put them on the bottom of the stairs. When you go up, simply grab the laundry basket or whatever it is and take it up with you, rather than making a special trip.

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