Best Marketing Tips for Your House Cleaning Business

Best Marketing Tips for your House Cleaning Business Edition

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Marketing Tips CollageTop Marketing Tips for Your House Cleaning Business?  (Your Answers)

  1.  Keep an information box outside your business location. You can find these on Amazon. Clients and employees can fill out anonymous tips and suggestions. (This can also be used as a payment drop-off box for clients who “forgot to pay”.
  2. Reverse engineer the marketing process. Ask yourself if you were going to hire a house cleaner – where would you look for them? Advertise there.
  3. Word of mouth is still among your best marketing tips for house cleaners.
  4. Before and after photos on social media sites and your website.
  5. Flyers to targeted neighborhoods
  6. Make sure your flyers, business cards, and website say that you are bonded and insured. Nobody wants the headaches of uninsured and unbonded workers.
  7. Let people know you accept credit cards – everybody pays now with credit cards.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Are Flyers Still Effective?

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Are Flyers Still an Effective Way to Drum up Business?

Yes. Running flyers is a great way to get noticed by the people you want to work for. It also allows you to target the geographic hub where you want to work.

Flyers are a great cheap way of advertising your business. If you do it correctly you can have business coming in within a day or two. And lots of people save the flyers. If they are not ready to hire you today, they can hire you when they are ready. 

And once you have clients, you can work from referrals after that. I’ve moved several times over the years, and each time I have started my business over from scratch. No clients, same business, new neighborhood, new clientele.

Did you know there are a right way and a wrong way to run flyers?  >> Read More << 

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Social Media Marketing Tips Marketing Tips through Live Video

Every social media platform now offers paid advertising.  I don’t recommend paying for social media ads if you are just starting your cleaning business.  Paying for Adwords, pay per click and ad campaigns are going to be a waste of money unless you can back it up with a professional online presence.

When people click on your ads, you will direct them to a website where they can hire you. You can also direct them to your social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. 

Once they get to your website or social media channels – what will they find? Pictures of your dog dancing around with a cereal box on his head? A bunch of selfies of you in skimpy clothes posing in front of your bathroom mirror? 

My point is that your social media channels and website need to reflect the service you are selling. 

Most social media is free and it can bring you a great deal of business if you treat it like a business tool rather than a self-indulgent toy.

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Marketing Tips with Twitter ©Savvy CleanerMarketing Tips for Online Promotion

  • Create social media business pages with your business name as the handle. (example: or
  • Fill out your social media profiles completely. Include your name, your City, State, Zip, email, and website. Hyperlink the URL so it directs them back to your website or CTA.
  • Include pictures of your business, your company logo, or you cleaning. Give prospects the chance to see you in action.
  • Keep your business social media accounts active. Post tips, pointers, articles and blogs about your business. 
  • Add live videos of you in action. This could be you cleaning, or discussing why you use a particular cleaning solution. 
  • Exude confidence in your videos.
  • Be articulate and easy to understand. 
  • End each video with a CTA (Call to Action). A call to action would be “Sign up for my free newsletter.” Or “subscribe to more videos like these.” “Like my video”, “call me if you need house cleaning”. It is something you want the viewer to do when the video ends.

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Time-Saving Hack of the Week – Cyfe

Cyfe Monitor EverythingMost of us know that if are to succeed in business we’ve got to track and monitor all our marketing efforts. But how do you do it? Every social media platform has it’s own analytics tools. Every web hosting provider has it’s own metrics and tracking system. Unless you are a real tech junkie, you could spend the rest of your life and still never figure it all out. Unless of course, you use Cyfe.
Cyfe (pronounced syph) is a software that you can set up free of charge to monitor 5 accounts. There is a premium version that costs $14 per month if paid annually and it monitors unlimited accounts. Imagine opening one dashboard and tracking all your social media accounts, websites, and widgets. All your tweets, retweets, followers, fans, posts, pins, shares, clicks, links, etc. 

From one dashboard you can read real time reports, historical data, analytics, and demographics. You can see your traffic sources on a visual world map. You can customize your demographic reports by age and other factors.

Cyfe lets you view statistics on your advertising, SEO and analytics data. Want to know how many website visitors you’ve had and what their favorite blog posts are? Cyfe can tell you. Check out your AdWord metrics (cost, impressions, clicks and conversions.) Watch how your keywords are ranking,  mobile visits vs. table visits and so much more.

Got a sales funnel? Now on your Cyfe dashboard, you can track your visitors, leads, customers and repeat customers. Track email campaigns and newsletter subscribers.

Don’t reinvent the wheel by creating individual reporting systems to monitor your business and marketing efforts. Invest in one that will save you gobs of time and administrative tasks. It’s never been this easy.  Click her to learn more.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Ain’t No Random Success

In the summer of 2015, I drove my car from Los Angeles, California to Charlotte, North Carolina. I knew when I started the 2,465-mile cross-country jaunt that at some point along the way I would have to stop for gas.

I didn’t know where the gas stations were. But I trusted there would be some. I knew I would have to stop for food and had confidence there would be restaurants along the way as well.

Even though I didn’t know the specifics of the trip, I was still working from a plan and a strategy. When I arrived safely in Charlotte I wasn’t surprised at all. That was the plan.

Sure there were some unexpected things that happened like a raging flood that wiped out the interstate in Texas. I had to take a long and weird detour before getting back on the interstate dozens of miles later. But overall, my trip rolled on as scheduled.

Marketing your business is a lot like going on a cross-country trip. You can’t possibly know all the details, but you need to have a plan. Imagine marketing without a map, a budget, a destination or a way to track your progress. How will you ever know if what you are doing is working? Or in other words, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

In all the years I’ve been marketing – I’ve never once stumbled onto random success. There’s always been a plan and a strategy. Tossing haphazard marketing at your business is like driving cross country without GPS or a wallet. There ain’t no random success.

Create a marketing plan for your business and chart out the steps that will ensure you arrive at your intended destination.

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Toxic Employees as House Cleaners?

Toxic Employees Edition

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How Do You Deal With Toxic Employees?  (Your Answers)

  1. toxic employees girl with attitudeToxic employees will bring down your whole company. Hire for attitude, train for skill.
  2. Screen for toxic employees. It’s better to find out before you hire them. Dealing with problematic customers is tough enough, you don’t want to also have to deal with difficult employees.
  3. Talk to them in private. Tell them what you expect and hold them accountable. If they need professional help, help them get it. 
  4. Train your employees in the behaviors you expect. Make it part of the job.

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Do You Have Toxic Employees? Here Are The Signs

Big difference between leading and bullying, Angela Brown Oberer ©Savvy Cleaner

  1. They intimidate and belittle other people. This is you, your clients and your other employees
  2. They find creative ways to avoid work.
  3. The work they do is sloppy and they often have a careless attitude about their work performance.
  4. They gossip about family, friends, coworkers, clients, you etc.
  5. Entitlement is a big issue. They feel like everybody owes them something they haven’t earned.
  6. Criticism and judgment are common elements to look for. Nothing is ever good enough for toxic employees.
  7. Micromanagement of the way you run your company or the way other employees work. Unless they are the manager and were assigned this task, it gets on everybody’s nerves.
  8. They are constantly late for work – and usually, have huge dramatic reasons why.

More Signs: Problem Creators or Problem Solvers?

Toxic employees solutions or problems ©Savvy Cleaner9. They complain about their health issues. (Health issues in house cleaning are a big deal because your job depends on your health.) I’m talking here about random weird issues that don’t pertain to the job and can’t be validated with doctors notes. Hypochondriacs that are sick over everything. If it’s valid, it needs to be dealt with, but if its sickness just for the sake of being obnoxious, it’s toxic.

10. Lies. Be careful of lies. Little lies lead to bigger lies. They might start out knocking down another employee to boost themselves, and their untruths often end in embezzlement, theft, and extortion. Watch for a pattern of lies – it’s very toxic.

11. They’re victims of anything and everything. They believe everybody is out to get them. And tolerating this behavior is exhausting and will suck your energy dry.

12. The glass is always half empty rather than half full. When given the opportunity, they choose the negative side of everything. Also exhausting.

13. They don’t know how to budget their money and are always hounding you for an advance.

14. Disorganization is their norm. They show up unprepared to jobs missing equipment and supplies or their equipment is broken and the forgot to report it.

15. They get mad easily and fight with coworkers and clients. 
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Ask a House Cleaner – Don’t Hire Toxic Employees

I run a business not a battlefield, Angela Brown Oberer ©Savvy Cleaner

“I run a business not a battlefield.” This is a talk I give all my new hires. “We don’t tolerate fights, strategizing against others or surprise attacks. If you can show up to work on time, be part of the team, do your job and play nice, you have a job. But we don’t tolerate gossip, sniveling, narcissism, nit-picking, sarcasm and bullying.

We clean houses. That’s what we do. We serve our customers and we deal with their challenges. We do not create our own internal challenges. That is counterproductive.

Our business is a safe, healthy and happy place to work. This means emotionally, physically, and professionally. We all leave our personal troubles at home when we come to work. And we all have personal troubles.

We do not worship one employee over another here – we are all equal here. Nobody gets preferential treatment. 

If you don’t get along with somebody, you need to come to me and tell me why and give me a solution to fix the problem. It ends there. You don’t share that information with any other members of the team. Any problems with other teammates need to be brought to my immediate attention and no one else. 

At this job, you get paid for your work. problem and solution buttons

Your bonuses are based on your attitude and team spirit. What I’m looking for are smiles, high fives, fist bumps, and cheering other teammates. We are all better together than we are alone. Think of the people that work here as your best friends, not your enemies.

I have a zero tolerance policy for toxic employees. And if I have to let somebody go – I will do it to protect the team. I won’t make a big deal of it, and I won’t explain it to the group. If you ask me, I’ll just say “Train Station” that means they got off at the last train station and the train moved on without them.

Do you understand my rules? Do you have any questions about this policy? Is there any reason you can’t follow this policy?

Great, Sign here that you understand the policy and that you agree to follow the rules. 

I’m going to make a copy of this agreement for your employee file. Would you like a copy to take home with you?”

Bam! Now everybody knows the rules. 

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Social Media – Toxic Employees Leave Clues 

Social media is a gift for employers. A quick glance through a potential hire’s Facebook feeds you can give you a good idea of the type of person you are about to hire. Red Flags

Do they have positive quotes? Do they have family pictures? Are they supportive of others? Do they have an upbeat personality? Do they have a healthy sense of humor?

Or, are all the pictures selfies? Are they negative or do they bash other people verbally? Do they complain about senseless stuff? Do they have a victim mentality? Did the world do them wrong and they’re out to get even?

Before you hire toxic employees – ask for their social media connections. Look at them all. (Note: Your clients who allow these house cleaners to come clean their homes will be surfing their social media pages too. The information on a potential new hire’s facebook or twitter feed is a reflection of you and your company. No, you can’t control potential employee posts, but you can control who you hire.)

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Time-Saving Hack of the Week – Choose Joy

Choose Joy - couple high fiving Attitude is contagious. That goes for a positive or negative attitude. So which are you promoting? If you are a great leader, you will transfer whatever mood you are to your team. 

It’s usually an unconscious thing. Your employees pick up the vibe you’re sending and they pass it along to your customers, coworkers and ultimately their family. Then they bring it back to work – and you have to deal with their attitude, compounded with your own. So are you sending a vibe of positivity or negativity? Hint: An attitude that fosters negativity, sickness, problems, and complaints – attracts more of the same. Repairing those problems after the fact is a huge time waster. Prevention saves you time.

When you are sick with a cold or the flu – you feel bad. And you know you are contagious. And you call in sick or keep your distance from people because you don’t want them to catch what you have.

But unless you are aware – you will not recognize a bad attitude as feeling bad.

Yet you’re still contagious. 

Here’s a huge time-saving hack for your business. Every day before you show up for work – reset your attitude. Decide to leave personal problems at home. Leave health problems at home. Isolate problems at work from the rest of the team. This means to confide in a therapist or a mastermind group. Don’t dump your general business problems on your employees. Unless your employee is directly involved in a particular problem, it’s your problem, not theirs.

Tell yourself “Today is Better” and then make today better than yesterday. That is contagious. If you radiate positivity, health, happiness, encouragement and support – guess what you are going to get in return? You guessed it. 

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 What’s going on with Angela? Vacation Planning

I take three weeks vacation a year. One in January, one in July and one in September. Attitude Reset ©Savvy CleanerThe one in January is a business conference I attend every year with some of the highest level masterminds in the country. We spend a week networking, troubleshooting and spinning ideas. The purpose is to challenge ourselves to excel. This vacation is in two weeks at a five-star resort in Miami. I’m super excited about attending this year.

The second-week vacation in July is with my immediate family. Mom, Dad and all my 19 brothers and sisters and their spouses and all their kids. We usually meet in the mountains of Oregon and camp out in tents under the stars. We sit around the campfire at night singing with guitars. The days we spend tubing down the river or playing frisbee games. The purpose of this trip is to reconnect, to catch up and to take a break from daily life. 

The third vacation is a private trip out of the country with my husband. We go to exotic locations like Lake Como, Paris, Munich, London, and Venice. Then we find quaint little hotels or bed and breakfasts off the beaten path. We both love photography and so we go armed with 10 cameras between the two of us. The purpose of this trip is to chill, to reconnect with each other and to have the time of our lives.

When Is Your Vacation?

It’s easy as a small business owner to get caught up in the daily grind. We wear many hats and we take care of everybody else first. Sometimes we pay ourselves last or not at all. And we rarely take vacations. Let’s change that this year. You are in business for the obvious reasons like making money and providing for your family. But with that comes the freedom to be in charge. So be in charge. This year pay yourself. Schedule and take your vacations. Recharge your batteries and hit the reset button. When you return you will be a better boss. This is your business and your life. Make it count starting today.

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Sexual Harassment and House Cleaners

Sexual Harassment and House Cleaners Edition

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Your Best Management Tips for Sexual Harassment – Your Answers Mace


  1. Don’t ignore the signs. Sexual harassment needs to be stopped early. Don’t let it drag on. Report it to your supervisor and if necessary the authorities.
  2. Have a company policy that outlines what to do if you are sexually harassed while house cleaning.
  3. Learn martial arts so you can protect yourself.
  4. Carry mace with you to house cleaning jobs. Keep it in your apron. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Sexual Harassment and House Cleaners in Uncomfortable Situations

Shocked-emojiI was dusting a living room. And when I looked up the homeowner was standing in front of me, buck naked and playing with herself. I’d never found myself in that type of a situation before. And honestly had never even thought about what to do if something like that happened.

I was clear about one thing: my reaction in the next two to five seconds would be important to the outcome of this story.

Before I tell you how the story ends – let’s consider a couple of things.

  1. If someone who is usually clothed is suddenly naked, that’s huge information.
  2. If this person has never made unwanted advances towards you, and now they are – that’s huge information.
  3. Something triggered the new behavior. This could be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, medication, or a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s etc. 
  4. If you ignore this behavior, because it’s uncomfortable and you continue as if nothing is happening, in a sense, you are approving it.

What To Do? 

Look for clues to determine if this person is hitting on you. If they are, you need to make some quick fast decisions about sexual harassment and leaving. Should you stay, a bunch of different things can happen. confused emojiOne of them is that you reject the advances and hurt the feelings of the aggressor and they could become hostile.  If you attempt to push away or touch the aggressor, you could be smacked with a civil suit claiming battery or abuse. If they are hitting on you, leave.

Maybe the aggressor is on medication that is causing the unusual behavior.

It’s also possible that the aggressor is experiencing cognitive issues and is slipping  (as in Alzheimer’s.) If that is the case, they may need further help from a family member or doctor. It’s a good idea to have access to a number for a family member in case of emergency.

Here’s How the Story Ends

safety first computer key caution for sexual harassmentI followed my gut instinct. This was an unusual situation for me, but I didn’t feel I was in any harm or danger. I also sensed that I needed to remove myself from the situation immediately. I said these exact words: “Oops, I’m interrupting. I’m going to go clean the dining room and give you some privacy.” And I went in the other room without another glance.

This was a diplomatic way of saying “I’m not interested in anything except cleaning your house.”  And she understood the message. If she would have made another move in my direction, I would have left the house. And most likely would have ended the contract.

The homeowner stayed in the living room for a few minutes, then she went upstairs. She showered and left to run errands and was never home again when I went to clean. Was it awkward? Yes. And who knows what that was all about? She was about my age, and I didn’t suspect a medical condition or addiction – probably just personal choice. And I wasn’t there to judge. But I wanted to make it clear I was only there to clean house. Nothing more.

Harassment comes in many forms and can happen to anyone at any time. If you are in a client’s home and you are being harassed with unwanted advances – you need to leave the room or the house. As the boss, you have the right to walk away from any situation that makes you uncomfortable. You need to encourage your employees to do the same. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Social Media & Sexual Harassment

You've been blocked by Savvy Cleaner

Smartphones put a camera in everybody’s hand. Great for capturing those once in a lifetime shots that used to be just memories. But it opened a door for drunken sexual harassment photos and videos that plague my twitter feed. Sometimes it’s my Facebook feed and other social media business sites. I can’t control what others post, but I can monitor those sites for repeat offenders. Delete. Unfriend. Unfollow. Block.

Most of us have social media business pages. Your pages are a reflection of your business, your values, and your offerings. Unwanted suggestive media dilute the message you send to your clients and prospects.

Part of your social media strategy should include setting sexual harassment boundaries. Decide what types of pictures, videos, words, phrases, and comments are not allowed on your timelines, or online business groups you moderate.

Cleaning your social media accounts is a lot like cleaning house. It requires a thorough once through and then constant maintenance.

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Time-Saving Hack of the Week = Have a Company Policy on Sexual Harassment 

Sexual Harassment Policy for Employee File, Savvy CleanerOnce you hire employees your house cleaning business changes. It’s not just you anymore. You are responsible to and for your employees. Your employees are an extension of you and your brand. So it’s important to have policies in place that protect your company from the bad behavior of employees. You need to create these policies early. Communicate these rules and consequences to your new hires verbally and in writing. Your new hires need to sign off that they understand and agree to the rules. Copies of these agreements go in your employee files. 

What About Same-Sex Harassment?

Equal Opportunity Sexual Harassment, Savvy Cleaner

Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not limited by gender. The perpetrator can be a man or a woman, and their victim does not have to be of the opposite sex.

Offenders can be anyone in the workplace. This can be the homeowner or the owner or manager of your cleaning company. If you are the owner, it could be your employee. It could also be a coworker or other house cleaner on your team. Harassment is harassment regardless of the culprit. And the victim doesn’t need to be the person harassed. The victim could be another employee affected by the conduct. As the employer, you are legally responsible for harassment that takes place in your company.

Protect your company by having strict rules in place – and enforce your policies. It will save you time and money from possible civil suits later on.

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 What’s going on with Angela? – It’s All About Me!

Like it or not, I am a reflection of my business. When people see me they make decisions, conscious or unconscious, about my core values and how I operate my business. 

Sure, I’ve had bad hair days like everybody, and I have PMS from time to time. I have grumpy days and days where I prefer sweats over a uniform and no makeup. There are days I feel like crying and days I want to punch somebody. I’m human. But I do have to live with myself twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, every year for the rest of my life.  I need to become the person I want to be around 100% of the time.

I Am My Companies Biggest Asset

And because I am the boss, I am responsible to my clients, and my employees, my family and myself.  


More important than crunching numbers or customer service, is that I take care of myself. I am my companies biggest asset. It is my responsibility to drag myself out of bed each morning and into running shoes. I am responsible for my mental well being. If my attitude is not in a healthy place, I am the one who needs to meditate or read or listen to a motivational podcast to reset my thinking. 

I am responsible for the food I consume. I’ve noticed over the years of cleaning houses and living on the go – that fast food is convenient. But for the most part, it is uninspiring and unhealthy. If I’m not going to grab a burger, fries and a shake for lunch, I need to have other food available to keep up my energy. That is a conscious choice that requires effort on my part. Nobody pays the price or benefits from that choice except me. 

Over the years I’ve learned that I can outsource lots of things like landscaping, administrative tasks, or car washing. But I can’t outsource my daily exercise, the amount of sleep I get each night, my emotional well being, or my nutrition. Those things I have to do myself. I have to do them for myself. If I don’t take care of myself first, I can’t take care of anyone else. This includes my family, my employees, and my clients. 

As the new year begins, I am setting a new years resolution to celebrate the life I’ve been given and honor it in a way that serves the people I love.

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Tax Tips for House Cleaners & Maids

Tax Tips for House Cleaners, Maids & Janitors

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Best Tax Tips for House Cleaners & Maids – Your Answers


  1. Keep all your W2’s and 1099 forms in one place. As they trickle in over the month of January have one set spot for them. It makes bookkeeping for your cleaning service a breeze.
  2. Keep your house cleaning purchases and receipts separate from your personal household purchases and receipts.
  3. Report your cash earnings and tips. Don’t screw around with the IRS. It’s not worth the jail time if you’re caught.
  4. Hire an accountant to oversee your cleaning business

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Ask a House Cleaner – Best Tax Tips for House Cleaners & Maids

It’s tax time. Yay!

In our house cleaner training as Savvy Cleaner, we encourage all housekeepers and maids to think of taxes as a puzzle. The big picture comes together when you have all the pieces in place. The pieces arrive during January and come in the form of 1099 and W2’s. Because house cleaners have many clients – you may receive many tax forms.

Savvy Cleaner Word Puzzle by Angela Brown

Tax Tips for House Cleaners (Employees)

As a cleaning employee if you earn more than $2,000 per year from a single source (a family, or the cleaning company that hired you) you will receive a W2. That source is legally required to pay employer taxes for you. This means they’ve contributed to social security and Medicare benefits you may later need. Receiving a W2 also creates a verifiable work history that comes in handy when you apply for a car or house loan.

If you earn less than $2,000 from a single source in a year, they may send you a 1099 which pays you as an independent contractor. They didn’t take any taxes out or contribute to any benefits for you. One time house cleanings pay you as a “once and done”. You won’t receive any tax forms from them at all. You claim your 1099’s, bonuses, tips, and random cleanings as “other income.”

Multi colored puzzle piecesTax Tips for House Cleaners (Cleaning Service Owners)

You own the business. You pay for advertising. Lots of clients cycle through your business. You provide the cleaning supplies. And you decide the cleaning hours. You are responsible for all the taxes. You are the one who sends out the W2’s and 1099s to your housekeepers, maids, and independent contractors. The law states that you send these out by January 31.

As the owner of the company, you pay self-employment taxes. You pay these taxes in equal installments four times a year to both the state and the federal government. If you don’t pay quarterly taxes and you owe more than $1,000 in taxes when you file your annual return, there will be penalties.

One of the Secrets to Putting a Puzzle Together Is to Look for Straight Edges. 

Tax tips for house cleaners hand holding edge puzzle pieceThis helps you form the outline of the puzzle. Tax codes are the straight edges that tie your tax puzzle together. Next, group like colors and common objects together. These are your cleaning business receipts that you’ve collected all year. You use these to confirm cleaning related deductions.

But the biggest secret of putting a puzzle together is to look at the big picture. This gives you an idea of what the completed puzzle will look like and keeps you on track. An accountant who understands tax law for residential cleaning holds the big picture. 

Meet with your accountant through the year to ensure you get the most deductions your cleaning company deserves. 

Be sure to keep good records of your business income and expenses. You wouldn’t think of putting a puzzle together knowing it’s missing pieces. Keep all your pieces together.

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Social Media & Tax Tips for House Cleaners

Join a Tax for small business Facebook Group. There is lots of free advice out there and lots of people who can offer great solutions to your common problems. Facebook Group tax tips for house cleaners

Hack of the Week spacer Savvy Cleaner

Time-Saving Hack of the Week = Accounting Software to Streamline Bookkeeping

Quickbooks plus payroll tax tips for house cleanersQuickBooks and Quicken are two proven time-saving pieces of accounting software created by Intuit. Quickbooks online customers claim to save an average of 11 hours per month on accounting.

I’ve used Quicken for years for my house cleaning company. I have it connected online to my credit cards and bank accounts. Once a week I open the online software and it updates all the bank vault entries automatically. My weekly accounting takes me ten minutes. Fifteen tops.

Cleaning Business Deposits Quicken for tax tips for house cleaners

For small deposits, I use mobile banking. Using the bank app, I photograph checks I receive and like magic, the bank deposits the money to my account. For larger or recurring accounts I have direct deposit set up through the client.

I accept credit cards onsite using Square or PayPal. Both link to my Quicken account.

For cash accounts, I save up until I have $600 or more and then I drive through a bank teller window and make a cash deposit.

Every week I verify all deposits automatically added to my Quicken ledger are accurate.

Purchases for my Cleaning Business

Then I verify all purchases I made to operate my cleaning service. I match the receipts I’ve saved. And I note right in the software which ones are house cleaning related and which ones are personal. Then I file my paper receipts in a filing system that I keep for ten years in the event of an audit. Keeping good records is among the best tax tips for house cleaners.

Pay Bills on A Schedule

The weekly accounting routine is a good time to pay bills and taxes on a schedule. I see the bills due now, and the ones due next week and next month. This way I can budget money if necessary. It also prevents me from late payments, overdraft fees or tax penalties.

You don’t have to be super smart to run the financial end of your cleaning business. But it is a smart idea to use software that does the bulk of the work for you and keeps you on task.  

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 What’s going on with Angela?

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Well, it is the end of the year at Savvy Cleaner and probably the end of the year in your cleaning business as well. We’re really big in our office on new years resolutions. We have a contest that continues all year with awards and prizes for every posted new years resolution that we meet. In 2016 we had 43 posted resolutions and we met 36 of them. How do I know there were 36? Because we celebrate at my favorite restaurant which is a Hibachi Grill that also serves sushi (I pick up the tab for the team). At the end of the celebration the waiter brings us all fortune cookies. I keep my fortunes in a small tray on my desk. I just counted and there are 36 of them. No surprise most of my fortunes have come true as well. Woohoo!

So we are setting new years resolution for the coming year and I hope you are too. Tax tips for house cleaners – celebrate your wins. It’s great comradery and keeps everybody focused and on task. And since it’s a business celebration it’s tax deductible. And yes, you should keep the receipts. 🙂

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CRM for House Cleaners @ SavvyCleaner

CRM for House Cleaners Edition

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What is your best CRM Tip? – Your Answers

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  • Use the CRM, not just for your clients, but to keep track of vendors, employees, prospects, and past customers.
  • Use your CRM to keep track of inventory. If a client has a particular product that they prefer, you can keep track of how much of that product you are using on that one account. This lets you adjust your prices if one client is costing you more than another.
  • Create a loyalty program. Every 25 cleanings give 1 free. This encourages the client to book you for another 25 cleanings. You can track all this in your program.
  • Choose a Customer Relationship Management program with SMS capabilities so you can broadcast text specials to your clients or prospects.
  • Use your CRM to manage everything from personal tasks to calendar scheduling. Sync your personal and business calendar so you don’t overbook appointments.


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    Ask a House Cleaner – CRM: What is it? 

     CRM to streamline house cleaning business, Savvy CleanerA CRM system allows you to manage your business relationships.  A CRM takes place of your memory. You don’t have to remember all the details about your clients because
    it’s all stored in your database.

    Each client has an account. In it, you list their name, their spouse’s names, their kid’s names, and pets names. You can store their home address, telephone, email address, and special requests. Keep quotes you’ve given them here. This is where you include their birthdays, anniversaries and special family holidays.

    You can track how many times a customer has canceled a cleaning. Or when they gave you a referral – and link them to the person they referred.

    If you upsell a client on a special service like spring cleaning – you can mark the dates it happened and then upsell them again the following year.

    You can schedule annual, bi-annual and quarterly projects on a recurring basis.

    When you first start your cleaning business and you have three clients – remembering this stuff is easy.

    When you have 10 or more clients, stuff starts slipping through the cracks.

    If you’ve never used a CRM and your business is growing, now is the time to put one in place. 

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    CRM + Social Media = Reputation Leverage

    CRM Reputation Leverage, Savvy CleanerA recent article by Social Media Today got me thinking about connecting my CRM with social media platforms. The first reason is that by connecting them, you can track what your customers are saying about you online. 

    If a client is complaining about you on social media channels – you can resolve the issue publicly. This lets you keep your reputation intact, while you take the problem offline and resolve it with the client face to face.

    Another reason to track this data is when client recommends you in social media outlets – it also gives you a chance to respond and reward those clients.

    You can also like, share and repost these third party testimonials.

    “Using social media for up-selling is not about the sales pitch itself. It is about taking advantage of the right opportunities at the right time.”


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    Time Saving Hack of the Week – CRM to Segment Email Lists

    CRM EMail SegmentsUse your CRM to email clients with super deals during slow times. If you have your clients email addresses, you can segment your email list with tags. 

    Tags allow you to create custom deals for part of your clients but not all. Let’s suppose some of your clients have children under the age of 10. You can create a custom tag. Let’s call it “Kids -10”. 

    Now let’s suppose that you have six cancellations in the same week. Well, that’s going to hurt your profits. So you segment your list by the people with the “Kids -10” tag.

    And you send an email only to those clients. “Hey I’ve had a few cancellations this week so I’m running a special on toy room organization. I’ll help you toss or donate outgrown toys and make room for the toys you want to keep. I only have six openings, first come, first serve.”

    You’re not looking for new clients here. You’re simply upselling to people who already know, like and trust you – who specifically need this offer. This is not an ongoing offer, it is just a way to fill in the gaps on a week when you have some free time. And by segmenting your email list, you’re not blasting (or bugging) all the clients you have who don’t have children.)

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     What’s going on with Angela? New CRM

    New CRM, Savvy CleanerEvery business needs a CRM. Mine too. We’ve been using Infusionsoft over the past year at Savvy Cleaner. It’s a robust system with lots of bells and whistles.

    Bells we weren’t ringing and whistles we didn’t know how to blow.

    I’m a firm believer that you need tools to help you automate routine tasks. Especially as a small company. But for me, it was like going to the grocery store in an RV. All I needed was a set of wheels and a small trunk to put the groceries in – yet I was paying for all this other bulky stuff I wasn’t using.

    So we switched to ConvertKit which is much more in sync with what we need. 

    It’s taken me a year of training to learn how Infusionsoft works and two days to learn how Convertkit works. So we are switching all our emails, databases and information over to the new system.

    We’ve been transitioning all our records this week – so far it’s a seamless move, and I couldn’t be happier.

    If you are looking for a CRM for your business – decide upfront exactly what you need. You can do this by comparing all the features on various platforms. Then buy a program SAAS (Software As A Service) that is easy for you to use.

    If it’s not easy and you’re not using it – you’re wasting your money.

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