WordPress Plugins to Grow Your House Cleaning Business

WordPress Plugins to Grow Your House Cleaning Business
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WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Cleaning Business (Your Answers)

  1. Yoast SEO – This will walk you step-by-step through the SEO process to maximize your website. (Free and Paid versions)
  2. NextGen Photo Gallery – This allows you to organize your thousands of photos and images on your site for easy access. (Free and Paid versions
  3. Akismet – Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep.
  4. Child Theme Configurator – If you don’t know any code, this allows you to make a “copy” of your site that you can make changes to. When the parent theme updates automatically it doesn’t erase your changes. The child theme is dependent on the parent theme to work.
  5. Testimonial Slider – Create beautiful testimonials, sliders, and lists that rotate like a slideshow on your site to impress your customers.
  6. WP Smush – Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

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Ask a House Cleaner – WordPress Plugins to Syndicate Your Site On A Budget

OnlyWire If You Are On a Budget

All house cleaning businesses run on a budget. If you are growing your cleaning service, you want the most exposure for your investment. 

Have you considered self-syndicating? Instead of paying a couple hundred dollars to PR firms to post each press release, now you can do it yourself. Enter WordPress Plugins. The plugin OnlyWire has a free option that allows you to post to 20 social media platforms with the click of a button. If you want to syndicate to more you pay a monthly fee of $9.99


Simply download and activate the OnlyWire WordPress Plugin. Every time you update your blog site on your WordPress page, OnlyWire will pick up your post and automatically submit it to all the Social Media Networks you have set up with OnlyWire

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WordPress Plugins Use Social Proof to Boost Your Credibility

WordPress plugins - WP Customer Reviews

There are many sites that are crawling for user-generated reviews. Search engines highlight sites that have ratings and reviews because it provides credibility to the user. It’s the new way of vetting a potential house cleaner. Prospective customers see social proof of other people using your service.  And it gives them the confidence to hire you. 

Ratings and reviews on your website are the new “references on request.” Amazon and Ebay are so effective because they show prospects 5-star reviews – and now you can too.

WP Customer Reviews allows you to setup a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service. 

Among WordPress plugins, this is one of the best for ratings and reviews and best of all, it’s free.

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WordPress Plugins As A Time-Saving Hack – Beaver Builder

The learning curve is the biggest reason house cleaners have crappy websites. We clean houses, not design websites. And we don’t want to have to pay somebody a never ending bucket of money to create one for us. Or wait around for them to make minor updates and changes. But if you’re going to survive as a business in today’s changing social landscape – your website is your home base. YOU NEED A WEBSITE.

A website is where your customers learn about you and your brand. They will look at before and after cleaning pictures to see if you do a good job. They will read your blogs and evaluate your services. This is where a frequently asked questions page shows your prospects that you know what you’re doing. And they will check out your ABOUT page to learn more about you and your team.

Beaver Builder Video 

Time and Money Factors In Website Design

When time and money are of the essence, you need to be able to make all these updates by yourself without the help of a paid designer.

That’s me! I had the same concerns. Yet I didn’t know any CSS, PHP, or HTML code. Not really interested in learning it either. I wanted the magic bullet. Drop and drag page builders. I spent a significant amount of time researching WordPress plugins and I found BeaverBuilder.

BeaverBuilder is not free it’s $99 bucks for the standard package. What you are in essence paying for is the equivalent of an hour of a web designers time, but instead of a web designers time, you get a massive bundle of existing page templates with all the work already done for you. You simply choose the features you want to change, double click, drop and drag. It’s so easy to create your own custom pages in minutes – not days – and you can make changes free of charge at any time. BeaverBuilder allows you to create your own super fancy, high-end, professional looking websites without knowing a single line of code. This plugin will SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME.  

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What’s The Catch?

The catch is that in order for BeaverBuilder to work you must license a domain name (which costs $8-10 per year https://cheap-domainregistration.com) Your domain name is your company name built into a URL (example: my company name is Savvy Cleaner and my domain name or URL is https://savvycleaner.com

And you will need to host that domain. https://hostgator.com ($3-5 per month hosting.) I chose Hostgator because they have an exclusive package for WordPress users that comes with WordPress already installed plus 450 free themes. (Make sure the theme you choose is responsive – meaning it is viewable on all types of devices including smartphones.) You can jazz up your theme super easy with BeaverBuilder. All of the necessary costs combined is less than hiring a web designer 1 time – and you will have all the tools you need to build and update your professional business website at any time. 

NOTE: These website set up costs are tax deductible for your business.

(PS. For Savvy Cleaner – I use Cheap-DomainRegistration, Hostgator and BeaverBuilder.  And I have no technical skills whatsoever. If I can do it – you can too. Bam! Just like that.)

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 What’s going on with Angela? Accountability

Planning business strategy session with several hands on a chartSavvy Cleaner joined the Better Business Bureau. As the owner of our house cleaning training company, they asked me lots of questions. Then we started the accreditation process. 

The accreditation process involves checking for business licenses, insurance, bonding, and articles of organization. They want to make sure my business is set up properly with the state and the federal government. Proving I had a business bank and merchant account to accept credit cards was important to them. They wanted client references. There are BBB rules for making sure we don’t overpromise on our marketing. They want to guarantee we are in good standing with our customers and the Chamber of Commerce.

And they had me check with the NC Dept of Education to see if our business fit the model of a proprietary school. And a bunch of other things that at first seemed like rabbit holes they were sending me down.

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Why Am I Telling You This?

Cute Kid with CoatWorking by yourself there is nobody to hold you accountable. And it’s easy to let yourself off the hook for things you know you should do for your business but haven’t done yet. It’s like when you’re a kid and you know you should wear a coat out in the cold – but you don’t do it unless your Mom is standing by the door reminding you that you’ll catch a cold if you don’t.

When you attach an accountability partner like the Better Business Bureau to your business, they remind you why you need to follow the rules.  better business Bureau logoThey look at possibilities you may not have considered. They ask you questions about your business you may have overlooked. And often times they help you prevent problems that haven’t even happened – yet.

Foolish business mistakes cost a lot of money. Those mistakes could show up in the form of lawsuits or civil suits, and federal or state fines. Or it could be something less dramatic – but exhausting like employees quitting and stealing all your clients. Or prospects not hiring you in the first place because you don’t have your act together.

Do you have an accountability partner for your business?

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Social Media Tips for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Social Media Tips for House Cleaners EditionWorkSmartNotHard spacer Savvy Cleaner

What Are Your best Social Media Tips For Building Your Brand? – Your Answers

 Social Media Hand Puzzle, Savvy Cleaner  

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Last Week:

  1. Use the same profile picture on all social media platforms to create consistency in your brand.
  2. Post regularly. This keeps you visible in the eyes of the search engines and your clients.
  3. Have a separate house cleaning business page on Facebook to keep personal and professional accounts separate.
  4. Use keywords that revolve around your business such as house cleaning, housekeeper, maid, cleaning, maid service, organization, clutter, space savers, decluttering, clean, clutter-free, shiny, polished, sparkling, home cleaning etc.
  5. Learn social media. It’s not going away. If you are a professional – you need to be on all the platforms because your clients are on various platforms.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Social Media Tips: Consistency

Social media tips and logosPaula’s family just moved to a new city which meant she needed new service providers. Electricians, Day Care, Salon, Dentist and house cleaners. 

She didn’t know any of her new neighbors yet so she couldn’t ask for referrals. So she did what any of us would do – she turned to the internet, (and particularly ratings and review sites like Angie’s List.)

Once she found a house cleaner, she went to social media to “learn more” about the woman she planned to hire.

Guess what she found on Facebook? A profile picture of a dog.

The other pictures that were visible were scantily clad braggadocios selfies of a woman in front of her bathroom mirror.

Paula moved on. Even though the house cleaner was paying for a business listing on the rating and review site, she screwed up her marketing efforts. She lost a job by not matching the brand across social media. You’re not a reckless teenager anymore. You’re a business owner – your profile picture needs to represent that. You don’t have to have a professional take the picture, but make sure you use good lighting and wear clothes.

Does your social media match the brand you are promoting?

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Social Media: Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising vs. Marketing for House Cleaners, Savvy CleanerQuestions about advertising on social media come up in training every day. House cleaners want to know if they should be creating paid ads on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Instagram.

The short answer to the question is not when you are just starting out.

Have you built out your professional social media pages? If not, do this before you do paid advertising.

Do you have a business website? If the answer is no – then advertising now is going to be a waste of money. Sure, you can throw money at advertising and drive traffic – but to where? Where are you sending people? What will they find when they get there?

Advertising costs money. Marketing costs time. If you are just starting out, focus your time building your brand through marketing. Once your marketing can back up your advertising claims – then drop some money into social media ads – but not until.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Social Media Tips Include a Shopping List

You can tell a lot about a person who grocery shops with a shopping list. Words that come to mind are these:

  • Budget-conscioussocial media tips
  • Organized
  • Thought out
  • Planner
  • Strategic
  • Systematized
  • Logical
  • Structured
  • Methodical
  • Orderly
  • Sensible

So imagine if you applied shopping list like qualities to your time on social media.

Let’s suppose you have five social media platforms you frequent.  Then make a list of how you are going to build your brand on each one. Pick the keywords will you use. What message do you want to convey? What is your call to action – or what do you want people to do with the information you are sharing or posting?

Then just like shopping in a grocery store – get in, meet your goals, and get out. If you meander up and down the isles of the social media platforms you will waste lots of time and get sidetracked and your marketing efforts will suffer. 

Sure, you can spend as much time as you like goofing off on social media – but if you meet your business objectives first – at least it will be time well spent.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Congratulations!Gear Changers Poster, Savvy Cleaner with Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners wrapped up on Wednesday. We had an enthusiastic group complete a series of web-based training to grow their cleaning businesses. 

In just eight weeks, the attendees restructured their business models from the ground up. They created a business structure for scheduling appointments. And set rules and regulations to guide their employees and clients. They built websites and renovated their social media platforms. Then they blazed through the health and safety training. And they learned how to troubleshoot not-so-common, things that go wrong while house cleaning.

They learned how to deal with difficult and high-maintenance clients and a whole bunch more really cool stuff.

Now they are no longer run of the mill house cleaners – they are The Gear Changers.


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Website Marketing for Your Cleaning Business @SavvyCleaner

Website Marketing Edition

Website Marketing – Your Answers to the Quiz


#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the week: How are you using your website to grow your business?

A: I am active in FB groups and drive interested people back to my website where there is more info.

B: As a blogger, I offer content upgrades that people sign up for via email. The content upgrade is on my website with other things they can buy.

C: I have videos showing what I do on my website. I put the links in my Twitter and FB feeds. When people watch the videos they can click on a link my website and hire me.

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* You can leave your answers on Twitter by clicking the picture. Tune into this newsletter next week for this week’s best answers.

Tips Savvy Savvy Cleaner

Website Marketing

 website marketing on responsive screens, Savvy Cleaner  

Website Marketing: Responsive site

Gone are the days of building a website to be viewed on a computer. Sure, it will happen, but most people doing quick research are on their smartphones and tablets. Make sure that if you are going to have a company website that it’s responsive. Meaning it looks great on a widescreen TV, a desktop monitor, a notebook or laptop and shrinks down to the size of a tablet or cell phone.

Lots of WordPress themes now are responsive which means you don’t have to create several versions of your website, you just create one and it translates to the various sizes.




Website Marketing: YOAST SEO

Yoast SEO is the #1 plugin for WordPress.org users and for good reason. It’s like having a personal editor reviewing your web page as you go. And giving you suggestions how you might boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is important because if the search engines can’t find your website, neither can your customers. It incorporates everything from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between.

 testimonial Slider for website marketing  

Website Marketing: Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is a Simple WordPress plugin that rotates client testimonies on your website pages. You can display the testimonials in an elegant list and customize the colors and style of a slider with five layouts.

Your clients can add testimonials right from your website, or you can add them in the admin panel. Either way, it’s all social proof. People buy from people they know, like and trust. If they don’t know you, they want to hear about you from people who do.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Website – from the customer’s view


New York Times Best-Selling Author Chris Brogan represents every customer we have. He’s the guy who searches the internet looking for a house cleaner. In this article he shares with us the “must have” elements on our websites and where we are leaving money on the table. >>> Read More <<<

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Website Marketing with a Press Kit


Is your business in the news? If it is, you need a press kit. Let’s suppose a thrilled customer wants to write about you on their blog. And they want to add a picture of you so their readers know what you look like. But when they get to your website there are no pictures of you or your business. Guess what? That recommendation just died on the vine. No pictures, no promotion.

But what happens if when they get to your website, there is a press kit that has photos of you, and has photos of you in action? Suppose it has quotes you’re famous for? Or what about questions people ask you in interviews? How about funny anecdotes that have happened in your business? Now instead of writing a mention about you and your business, you just gave them enough info to make you their featured article. What do you put in the press kit?  Read more to find out. 

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Time Saving Marketing Hack of the Week – Super Socializer

The name of the game in websites, blogs, and social media is getting other people to share your ideas and link to you. SuperSocializer is another fantastic WordPress.org plugin that allows you to have floating social media icons on your page or post. You can customize whether you want them at the top, bottom or side of every page. And there are dozens of sharing possibilities built into this free plugin. Simply click the ones you want to include on your website. Make it easy for others to promote you.

Super Socializer Website Marketing Sharer


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 What’s going on with Angela? – New Website Press Kit

Savvy Cleaner is growing by leaps and bounds and this past week we hit the Media circuit being quoted in three newspapers, one guest blog, a magazine mention, and a web magazine feature story. It became apparent really quickly that we needed a press kit to help automate our interaction with the press. We’re still adding components to our press kit as requests for various information filters in. The secret to remember is that your press kit is never complete, it’s revolving like your business. But help the press make you look good by having enough stuff in one place that they don’t have to scour the web looking for ways to promote you. Check out our press kit and tell us what we forgot, or give us suggestions to make it better. We value your opinion, and we appreciate your help.

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