Best Marketing Tips for Your House Cleaning Business

Best Marketing Tips for your House Cleaning Business Edition

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Marketing Tips CollageTop Marketing Tips for Your House Cleaning Business?  (Your Answers)

  1.  Keep an information box outside your business location. You can find these on Amazon. Clients and employees can fill out anonymous tips and suggestions. (This can also be used as a payment drop-off box for clients who “forgot to pay”.
  2. Reverse engineer the marketing process. Ask yourself if you were going to hire a house cleaner – where would you look for them? Advertise there.
  3. Word of mouth is still among your best marketing tips for house cleaners.
  4. Before and after photos on social media sites and your website.
  5. Flyers to targeted neighborhoods
  6. Make sure your flyers, business cards, and website say that you are bonded and insured. Nobody wants the headaches of uninsured and unbonded workers.
  7. Let people know you accept credit cards – everybody pays now with credit cards.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Are Flyers Still Effective?

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Are Flyers Still an Effective Way to Drum up Business?

Yes. Running flyers is a great way to get noticed by the people you want to work for. It also allows you to target the geographic hub where you want to work.

Flyers are a great cheap way of advertising your business. If you do it correctly you can have business coming in within a day or two. And lots of people save the flyers. If they are not ready to hire you today, they can hire you when they are ready. 

And once you have clients, you can work from referrals after that. I’ve moved several times over the years, and each time I have started my business over from scratch. No clients, same business, new neighborhood, new clientele.

Did you know there are a right way and a wrong way to run flyers?  >> Read More << 

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Social Media Marketing Tips Marketing Tips through Live Video

Every social media platform now offers paid advertising.  I don’t recommend paying for social media ads if you are just starting your cleaning business.  Paying for Adwords, pay per click and ad campaigns are going to be a waste of money unless you can back it up with a professional online presence.

When people click on your ads, you will direct them to a website where they can hire you. You can also direct them to your social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. 

Once they get to your website or social media channels – what will they find? Pictures of your dog dancing around with a cereal box on his head? A bunch of selfies of you in skimpy clothes posing in front of your bathroom mirror? 

My point is that your social media channels and website need to reflect the service you are selling. 

Most social media is free and it can bring you a great deal of business if you treat it like a business tool rather than a self-indulgent toy.

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Marketing Tips with Twitter ©Savvy CleanerMarketing Tips for Online Promotion

  • Create social media business pages with your business name as the handle. (example: or
  • Fill out your social media profiles completely. Include your name, your City, State, Zip, email, and website. Hyperlink the URL so it directs them back to your website or CTA.
  • Include pictures of your business, your company logo, or you cleaning. Give prospects the chance to see you in action.
  • Keep your business social media accounts active. Post tips, pointers, articles and blogs about your business. 
  • Add live videos of you in action. This could be you cleaning, or discussing why you use a particular cleaning solution. 
  • Exude confidence in your videos.
  • Be articulate and easy to understand. 
  • End each video with a CTA (Call to Action). A call to action would be “Sign up for my free newsletter.” Or “subscribe to more videos like these.” “Like my video”, “call me if you need house cleaning”. It is something you want the viewer to do when the video ends.

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Time-Saving Hack of the Week – Cyfe

Cyfe Monitor EverythingMost of us know that if are to succeed in business we’ve got to track and monitor all our marketing efforts. But how do you do it? Every social media platform has it’s own analytics tools. Every web hosting provider has it’s own metrics and tracking system. Unless you are a real tech junkie, you could spend the rest of your life and still never figure it all out. Unless of course, you use Cyfe.
Cyfe (pronounced syph) is a software that you can set up free of charge to monitor 5 accounts. There is a premium version that costs $14 per month if paid annually and it monitors unlimited accounts. Imagine opening one dashboard and tracking all your social media accounts, websites, and widgets. All your tweets, retweets, followers, fans, posts, pins, shares, clicks, links, etc. 

From one dashboard you can read real time reports, historical data, analytics, and demographics. You can see your traffic sources on a visual world map. You can customize your demographic reports by age and other factors.

Cyfe lets you view statistics on your advertising, SEO and analytics data. Want to know how many website visitors you’ve had and what their favorite blog posts are? Cyfe can tell you. Check out your AdWord metrics (cost, impressions, clicks and conversions.) Watch how your keywords are ranking,  mobile visits vs. table visits and so much more.

Got a sales funnel? Now on your Cyfe dashboard, you can track your visitors, leads, customers and repeat customers. Track email campaigns and newsletter subscribers.

Don’t reinvent the wheel by creating individual reporting systems to monitor your business and marketing efforts. Invest in one that will save you gobs of time and administrative tasks. It’s never been this easy.  Click her to learn more.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Ain’t No Random Success

In the summer of 2015, I drove my car from Los Angeles, California to Charlotte, North Carolina. I knew when I started the 2,465-mile cross-country jaunt that at some point along the way I would have to stop for gas.

I didn’t know where the gas stations were. But I trusted there would be some. I knew I would have to stop for food and had confidence there would be restaurants along the way as well.

Even though I didn’t know the specifics of the trip, I was still working from a plan and a strategy. When I arrived safely in Charlotte I wasn’t surprised at all. That was the plan.

Sure there were some unexpected things that happened like a raging flood that wiped out the interstate in Texas. I had to take a long and weird detour before getting back on the interstate dozens of miles later. But overall, my trip rolled on as scheduled.

Marketing your business is a lot like going on a cross-country trip. You can’t possibly know all the details, but you need to have a plan. Imagine marketing without a map, a budget, a destination or a way to track your progress. How will you ever know if what you are doing is working? Or in other words, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

In all the years I’ve been marketing – I’ve never once stumbled onto random success. There’s always been a plan and a strategy. Tossing haphazard marketing at your business is like driving cross country without GPS or a wallet. There ain’t no random success.

Create a marketing plan for your business and chart out the steps that will ensure you arrive at your intended destination.

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Creative Marketing for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Creative Marketing Edition

Creative Marketing – Your Answers from Quiz

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A: Running flyers with my contact information the same day my client posts a referral on the neighborhood FB page. It gives the referral an extra boost.

B: Jog in the neighborhoods you clean in.  Stop to talk with the neighbors out walking their dog. Ask what they do for a living and they’ll ask you. Say you clean houses. They usually ask if you have a card – which you should in the armband of your iPhone holder.

C: I work in three fancy neighborhoods with club houses. Once a month there is a women’s social and I offer to be the guest speaker or host. I share with women 15 tips for cleaning their homes fast and easy. If they don’t have time to do those – of course they can hire me. I’ve got most of my business this way.

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Leave me your best tips or hacks in the review section below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Creative Marketing

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Creative Marketing: Loyalty Rewards

Create a punch a card – 25 house cleanings – get one free

(This will guarantee you a year worth of cleanings if your client is a bi-weekly customer and half a year of cleaning if they are a weekly client.)

Creative Marketing: Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates: Mothers day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays creative marketing through gift certificates, Savvy Cleaner

For the person who has everything. A 4-hour cleaning gift certificate is a great way to introduce yourself to a new potential client. Of course, you would treat this cleaning as an audition for more business.

(Note: Make sure you put the value on it, so the customer has an idea of your rates and how much you charge. This makes hiring you simple, without asking the family member or friend how much they paid for the gift.)

Note: You can pick up the pretty paper and matching envelopes at Office Depot or Staples. Print one for your advertisement and keep it on your website – then print your certificates with a custom note as needed. A pack of 25 should last you a couple of years.

Creative Marketing: Free Ebook

Creative marketing ebook, Savvy CleanerThis is a great free advertisement for neighborhood Facebook Group pages. Target the neighborhoods you where you work.

Offer a free ebook in exchange for people’s email addresses. Because you’ve targeted the placement of your ad, you now have an email list of people in your cleaning hub that are interested in house cleaning. Of course, you are going to offer real tips they can use to clean their own house. But at the end, you will have a real advertisement about you and your cleaning services. Make sure to include your web address, email and phone so they can contact you and hire you if they don’t have time to clean their own home.

Note: Because it’s an ebook, it can be as long or as short as you like. But in a book, there is usually a page about the author where you tell your business story.

Now you have an email list – where you can send occasional emails about promotions like gift certificates for mother’s day etc.


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Ask a House Cleaner – Creative Marketing tips for house cleaners & maids

creative marketing for your house cleaning business, Angela Brown, Ask a House CleanerCreative marketing is awesome when you’re working on a shoestring budget. Make your job fun again with these 13 innovative marketing ideas proven to keep your client interaction alive. It will also save money on advertising expense.

In 1991 I started my first house cleaning business. I was flat on my rump broke at the time and needed money to get me from here to payday. >>> read more <<<

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Social Media Creative Marketing Ideas

creative marketing with before and after pics, Savvy CleanerA well positioned social media post (in a private neighborhood Facebook Group – for a neighborhood you work in) could be all it takes to get your phone ringing. Make sure in your post you add something personal so it doesn’t just scream “Advertisement.” Show your personality and make sure you include your website so people can find you to hire you. They readers might also just hit reply and start a conversation – this is awesome because it gives you a public forum to answer questions about your cleaning process and business.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Repackage your content

There is a grocery store in my neighborhood that sells rotisserie chickens. If the chickens don’t sell that day, they take the meat off the bones and cut it up and put it in the next day’s chicken salads for taking out. Same chicken repackaged to a slightly different market. They also sell apples in the produce section of the store. If the apples ripen too fast, instead of tossing them, they juice them and sell fresh apple juice at the produce juice bar. Same apples, maybe the same, maybe slightly different market.

You can use this same concept in your marketing. Every time you create a blog post, send it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. If you create an awesome graphic, send it to Instagram and Pinterest. Package your marketing as many different ways as you can without being obnoxious.

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 What’s going on with Angela? – New Production Team

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When I started Savvy Cleaner, the training, and certification program for house cleaners, I knew there was potential for immense growth.  I would be able to create, but not maintain the behind the scenes day-to-day office tasks. My tasks include running a blog, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, content for courses, social media, creative marketing and consulting. Each area of the business was designed as its own leg. I created eight pillars that were independent of each other, but part of the same big puzzle. As I grew, my intention was to hire a team to manage and maintain each specific aspect of the business.

This week we branched out with a new production team for our podcast leg of the business. I’m so thrilled to have some help. And I’m looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Jake and his team.


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