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CRM for House Cleaners Edition

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What is your best CRM Tip? – Your Answers

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  • Use the CRM, not just for your clients, but to keep track of vendors, employees, prospects, and past customers.
  • Use your CRM to keep track of inventory. If a client has a particular product that they prefer, you can keep track of how much of that product you are using on that one account. This lets you adjust your prices if one client is costing you more than another.
  • Create a loyalty program. Every 25 cleanings give 1 free. This encourages the client to book you for another 25 cleanings. You can track all this in your program.
  • Choose a Customer Relationship Management program with SMS capabilities so you can broadcast text specials to your clients or prospects.
  • Use your CRM to manage everything from personal tasks to calendar scheduling. Sync your personal and business calendar so you don’t overbook appointments.


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    Ask a House Cleaner – CRM: What is it? 

     CRM to streamline house cleaning business, Savvy CleanerA CRM system allows you to manage your business relationships.  A CRM takes place of your memory. You don’t have to remember all the details about your clients because
    it’s all stored in your database.

    Each client has an account. In it, you list their name, their spouse’s names, their kid’s names, and pets names. You can store their home address, telephone, email address, and special requests. Keep quotes you’ve given them here. This is where you include their birthdays, anniversaries and special family holidays.

    You can track how many times a customer has canceled a cleaning. Or when they gave you a referral – and link them to the person they referred.

    If you upsell a client on a special service like spring cleaning – you can mark the dates it happened and then upsell them again the following year.

    You can schedule annual, bi-annual and quarterly projects on a recurring basis.

    When you first start your cleaning business and you have three clients – remembering this stuff is easy.

    When you have 10 or more clients, stuff starts slipping through the cracks.

    If you’ve never used a CRM and your business is growing, now is the time to put one in place. 

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    CRM + Social Media = Reputation Leverage

    CRM Reputation Leverage, Savvy CleanerA recent article by Social Media Today got me thinking about connecting my CRM with social media platforms. The first reason is that by connecting them, you can track what your customers are saying about you online. 

    If a client is complaining about you on social media channels – you can resolve the issue publicly. This lets you keep your reputation intact, while you take the problem offline and resolve it with the client face to face.

    Another reason to track this data is when client recommends you in social media outlets – it also gives you a chance to respond and reward those clients.

    You can also like, share and repost these third party testimonials.

    “Using social media for up-selling is not about the sales pitch itself. It is about taking advantage of the right opportunities at the right time.”


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    Time Saving Hack of the Week – CRM to Segment Email Lists

    CRM EMail SegmentsUse your CRM to email clients with super deals during slow times. If you have your clients email addresses, you can segment your email list with tags. 

    Tags allow you to create custom deals for part of your clients but not all. Let’s suppose some of your clients have children under the age of 10. You can create a custom tag. Let’s call it “Kids -10”. 

    Now let’s suppose that you have six cancellations in the same week. Well, that’s going to hurt your profits. So you segment your list by the people with the “Kids -10” tag.

    And you send an email only to those clients. “Hey I’ve had a few cancellations this week so I’m running a special on toy room organization. I’ll help you toss or donate outgrown toys and make room for the toys you want to keep. I only have six openings, first come, first serve.”

    You’re not looking for new clients here. You’re simply upselling to people who already know, like and trust you – who specifically need this offer. This is not an ongoing offer, it is just a way to fill in the gaps on a week when you have some free time. And by segmenting your email list, you’re not blasting (or bugging) all the clients you have who don’t have children.)

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     What’s going on with Angela? New CRM

    New CRM, Savvy CleanerEvery business needs a CRM. Mine too. We’ve been using Infusionsoft over the past year at Savvy Cleaner. It’s a robust system with lots of bells and whistles.

    Bells we weren’t ringing and whistles we didn’t know how to blow.

    I’m a firm believer that you need tools to help you automate routine tasks. Especially as a small company. But for me, it was like going to the grocery store in an RV. All I needed was a set of wheels and a small trunk to put the groceries in – yet I was paying for all this other bulky stuff I wasn’t using.

    So we switched to ConvertKit which is much more in sync with what we need. 

    It’s taken me a year of training to learn how Infusionsoft works and two days to learn how Convertkit works. So we are switching all our emails, databases and information over to the new system.

    We’ve been transitioning all our records this week – so far it’s a seamless move, and I couldn’t be happier.

    If you are looking for a CRM for your business – decide upfront exactly what you need. You can do this by comparing all the features on various platforms. Then buy a program SAAS (Software As A Service) that is easy for you to use.

    If it’s not easy and you’re not using it – you’re wasting your money.

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Social Media Tips for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

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What Are Your best Social Media Tips For Building Your Brand? – Your Answers

 Social Media Hand Puzzle, Savvy Cleaner  

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Last Week:

  1. Use the same profile picture on all social media platforms to create consistency in your brand.
  2. Post regularly. This keeps you visible in the eyes of the search engines and your clients.
  3. Have a separate house cleaning business page on Facebook to keep personal and professional accounts separate.
  4. Use keywords that revolve around your business such as house cleaning, housekeeper, maid, cleaning, maid service, organization, clutter, space savers, decluttering, clean, clutter-free, shiny, polished, sparkling, home cleaning etc.
  5. Learn social media. It’s not going away. If you are a professional – you need to be on all the platforms because your clients are on various platforms.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Social Media Tips: Consistency

Social media tips and logosPaula’s family just moved to a new city which meant she needed new service providers. Electricians, Day Care, Salon, Dentist and house cleaners. 

She didn’t know any of her new neighbors yet so she couldn’t ask for referrals. So she did what any of us would do – she turned to the internet, (and particularly ratings and review sites like Angie’s List.)

Once she found a house cleaner, she went to social media to “learn more” about the woman she planned to hire.

Guess what she found on Facebook? A profile picture of a dog.

The other pictures that were visible were scantily clad braggadocios selfies of a woman in front of her bathroom mirror.

Paula moved on. Even though the house cleaner was paying for a business listing on the rating and review site, she screwed up her marketing efforts. She lost a job by not matching the brand across social media. You’re not a reckless teenager anymore. You’re a business owner – your profile picture needs to represent that. You don’t have to have a professional take the picture, but make sure you use good lighting and wear clothes.

Does your social media match the brand you are promoting?

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Social Media: Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising vs. Marketing for House Cleaners, Savvy CleanerQuestions about advertising on social media come up in training every day. House cleaners want to know if they should be creating paid ads on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Instagram.

The short answer to the question is not when you are just starting out.

Have you built out your professional social media pages? If not, do this before you do paid advertising.

Do you have a business website? If the answer is no – then advertising now is going to be a waste of money. Sure, you can throw money at advertising and drive traffic – but to where? Where are you sending people? What will they find when they get there?

Advertising costs money. Marketing costs time. If you are just starting out, focus your time building your brand through marketing. Once your marketing can back up your advertising claims – then drop some money into social media ads – but not until.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Social Media Tips Include a Shopping List

You can tell a lot about a person who grocery shops with a shopping list. Words that come to mind are these:

  • Budget-conscioussocial media tips
  • Organized
  • Thought out
  • Planner
  • Strategic
  • Systematized
  • Logical
  • Structured
  • Methodical
  • Orderly
  • Sensible

So imagine if you applied shopping list like qualities to your time on social media.

Let’s suppose you have five social media platforms you frequent.  Then make a list of how you are going to build your brand on each one. Pick the keywords will you use. What message do you want to convey? What is your call to action – or what do you want people to do with the information you are sharing or posting?

Then just like shopping in a grocery store – get in, meet your goals, and get out. If you meander up and down the isles of the social media platforms you will waste lots of time and get sidetracked and your marketing efforts will suffer. 

Sure, you can spend as much time as you like goofing off on social media – but if you meet your business objectives first – at least it will be time well spent.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Congratulations!Gear Changers Poster, Savvy Cleaner with Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners wrapped up on Wednesday. We had an enthusiastic group complete a series of web-based training to grow their cleaning businesses. 

In just eight weeks, the attendees restructured their business models from the ground up. They created a business structure for scheduling appointments. And set rules and regulations to guide their employees and clients. They built websites and renovated their social media platforms. Then they blazed through the health and safety training. And they learned how to troubleshoot not-so-common, things that go wrong while house cleaning.

They learned how to deal with difficult and high-maintenance clients and a whole bunch more really cool stuff.

Now they are no longer run of the mill house cleaners – they are The Gear Changers.


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Safety for House Cleaners on the Job @SavvyCleaner

Safety for House Cleaners Edition

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Safety: What is your best workplace safety rule? – Your Answers



  • Stay alert while cleaning – don’t zone out.
  • Wear gloves so you don’t  get cleaning chemicals and contamination on your hands.
  • Let somebody else know your whereabouts when you are working by yourself at a job.
  • Create an injury & illness prevention plan for your business. Even if you are a solo house cleaner.
  • Follow the OSHA rules for workplace safety.
  • Train your employees to work safely.



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Tips Savvy Savvy CleanerSafety Tips Every House Cleaner Needs To Know

What is OSHA? 

Physical-Health-Sign OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and it is a governmental agency through the Department of Labor. The program was established back in 1971 and has partnered with health & safety professionals and union advocates in every state.

OSHA provides a series of rules and regulations to guarantee safe working conditions for employees at their workplace.

Need OSHA training for your business:

They also offer free On-site Consultation services funded by OSHA to help determine whether there are hazards at place of business. You can also call 1-800-321 OSHA and press option 4.

Safety Training – Read Your SDS

Safety Data SheetsWith the new Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS) OSHA changed its HazCom Standard from MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to  simply SDS (Safety Data Sheets.)

By regulation, every chemical released on the market must have a public SDS. The mandatory information included on the SDS has sixteen sections that follow the same order and include a lot of information including:

  1. Identification of the substance and mixture
  2. Hazards Identification
  3. Composition/information on ingredients substance & mixtureAjax Professional Disinfectant
  4. First Aid Measures
  5. Firefighting Measures
  6. Accidental Release Measures
  7. Handling and Storage
  8. Exposure Controls & Personal Protection
  9. Physical and Chemical Properties
  10. Stability and Reactivity
  11. Toxicological Information
  12. Ecological Information
  13. Disposal Considerations
  14. Transport Information
  15. Regulatory Information
  16. Other information on preparation and revision of the SDS

 Want to see what one looks like? Click here to see the SDS sheet for Ajax Professional Disinfectant

Equipment Ergonomics 

using-ergonomics-telescoping-wands-savvy-cleanerEvery job will have its own equipment or tool. So it’s a good idea to train your employees how to use the equipment needed for that job.

Monitor the work of your employees and give refresher training periodically.

It’s easy to hire people because they’ve worked for another cleaning company before – that doesn’t mean they are trained properly. Train them again to match your workplace standards and the equipment you are using.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Safety & Your Health

Chemical Reactivity Symptoms, Savvy CleanerIf you or your employees are cleaning, and you start coughing or have shortness of breath or any of these symptoms – stop what you are doing immediately.

Look at the chemicals you are using.

Look up the SDS sheets on them. And follow the first aid instructions.

If you have to go to the emergency room take the SDS information with you so they know exactly what chemicals you were using when you had the reactions. There are several varieties of the same name brand chemicals. Narrow down the SDS for the Medics to speed up your medical help.

If you have ongoing health problems that you think are caused by using cleaning chemicals, go see a doctor. You might decide that you need to change all the chemicals you are using – and reintroduce them one at a time to your cleaning routine to see which one(s) area bothering you.

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Safety for House Cleaners on The Web

Think you can’t be hacked? Think again. We live in a world full of cyber criminals. And I’m not saying they will hack you – I’m saying they can. Lock and Key

Precautions to take are these:

Change your passwords often (every 30 days or so.) On all of your social media accounts, your email, and your website. (And your online banking.)

In your passwords use small case letters, CAPITAL letters, $ymbols and numb3rs. Go for 8 to 12 characters.

Choose passwords that don’t mean anything to you – that no one would ever guess. Example: They were Out of milk at the store on 1105 = TwOom@tso1105

Lock your passwords in a secure vault like Keeper. This way you don’t have to remember all of your passwords, you just have to remember one main password that unlocks the vault.

NOTE: (Free and paid versions.) The paid version of Keeper lets you unlock your vault with your fingerprint.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Injury & Illness Prevention

Exposure Control, Savvy Cleaner

Create a program for your cleaning business that says what to do for when there’s injury, illness, and exposure. Use this written plan to train employees and new hires about the protective measures in place.

Teach them to reduce exposure to blood and other potentially infectious material.

Insist that all your employees protect themselves by wearing disposable gloves.

In 1736, Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Now 280 years later, the same advice applies to house cleaners and exposure control. 



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 What’s going on with Angela? Safety Rules

Safety Signs, Savvy CleanerWhen I was sixteen years old I enrolled in a drivers ed class. Mom wants me to drive so I can play taxi for my younger brothers and sisters. I want to drive because it means I am bridging the gap from being a kid (passenger) to being an adult (driver.) 

My driver’s ed class turned out to be something quite different from what I expected.  Ruth Stanton, my amazing driver’s ed teacher, taught me how to read dozens of road signs. She showed us movies of the dangers of drunk driving, and how to merge onto the interstate. She instilled the importance of learning the rules early. And her philosophy was that knowledge plus instinct would keep me safe while driving. All these years later – I’ve gotta tell you, she was correct.

It seemed overkill at the time to learn about 4-way stops and peripheral driving. (I just had to ask Siri how to spell that.)  Like what’s that got to do with driving?

I asked myself the same questions when it came to learning OSHA rules and regulations. I was just going to show up to a house with a bucket of cleaning supplies and a mop. Why do you need to know all this other stuff?

True confession: in the twenty-five years since I started cleaning,  I’ve used both the rules from OSHA and drivers ed, every single day.

When you reach the interstate – that’s not the time to pull out your driver’s ed handbook and start looking up the rules for merging. 

The same is true for this OSHA stuff. Once you know it, it’s yours. And when you partner it with instinct – it will keep you safe on the job.

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Confidentiality: When House Cleaners Gossip @SavvyCleaner

Confidentiality Edition

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Confidentiality: How Much Should You Tell? – Your Answers

 How much should you share, Savvy Cleaner

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the Week:

How much should you share with your clients?

A. Be transparent – show them everything

B. Share with them enough to close the sale.

C. Keep them in the loop with updates and changes.

D. Keep them on a need to know basis.


#WorkSmartNotHard, Safety Rule, Savvy Cleaner

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Tips Savvy Savvy CleanerConfidentiality in a transparent world

confidentiality destroyed by falling blocks that spell trust, Savvy Cleaner   

Expectations of Confidentiality

Confidentiality for doctors and mental health professional is protected by state laws. Other organizations like banks and lending companies generally agree not to reveal identifying information about their clients as well. But what about house cleaners?

You pay a person to enter your home on a regular basis to clean and organize your personal belongs but are they bound by the same expectations of not sharing your personal information with neighbors and other cleaning clients?

Where do you draw the line?


confidentiality agreement, Savvy Cleaner  

Confidentiality – Manners

House cleaners are not bound by any laws to keep your personal information confidential.  But it should be common sense that sharing private stories and anecdotes about your other clients – even if it’s not defamatory about another client could cause a cleaning client to lose trust in you.

In a recent survey by Savvy Cleaner (a company that offers training and certification for house cleaners) 98% of customers surveyed said client confidentiality was important to them.


It's Not Your Story, Angela Brown Oberer  

Confidentiality – Golden Rule

If it’s not your story…don’t share it.


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Ask a House Cleaner – The Peer Pressure to Fit In

Confidentiality broken by two friends whispering, Savvy Cleaner

“You’re not going to believe what happened while I was cleaning today at your next door neighbors house?”

“Really? What happened?”

“And just when they thought they’d hidden all of it, I opened a cabinet and you know what I found?”

“No way, they had that in their cupboards”

“I know right!”


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Confidentiality and Social Media

Confidentiality ruined by social media, Savvy CleanerIt’s easy to jump on any social media platform these days and blab to your friends and followers about your day. But when you are a house cleaner and you spend your day working in other people’s homes – tread with caution.  Here are some basics that will keep you out of trouble:

  • No cussing.
  • No dissing clients – or belittling their lifestyle on social media.
  • Don’t use names of people, families or neighborhoods.
  • Don’t post embarrassing photos of your clients homes. Exception to this rule is if you post a before and after picture of an item or room you cleaned. Get permission from your clients for these photos.
  • Remove identifying objects or blur them from your posts (family photos etc.)
  • Think before you post. You get your income from the families you work for. If you talk smack about them how does reflect on you? Could it change how other possible clients feel about you?
  • When in doubt – don’t post it.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Don’t Be Your Client’s Therapist

confidentiality blasted with blah, Savvy CleanerSome people who hire house cleaners work from home. And they should be working while you are there – and so should you.

If you get a Chatty Cathy who yacks while you’re cleaning, be firm and polite. Smile and say something like “When I’m chatting, I’m not working.” If they don’t get the hint, you can be more direct. “Hey, I’d love to chat, and maybe one day we can grab coffee sometime. But I want to do a great job cleaning your house, and I can’t concentrate on cleaning while we’re hanging out.”

You are not your client’s therapist. They hired you to clean their house. That’s your job and your obligation. Having boundaries in place can save you gobs of time and emotional energy.

And there’s less risk you’ll blab about their stories to someone else if you don’t listen in the first place.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Live Streaming

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners is under way at Savvy Cleaner with two weeks to go before we wrap up for the holiday break. It’s been a bit of a challenge with the live streaming. We started out on Google Hangouts using WebinarJam as a wrapper to deliver the online training to house cleaners from around the world. Then Google Hangouts dismantled as it merged with YouTube Live and we’ve had some major glitches in software, streaming, uploading, and  processing times etc.

Most of the kinks have been worked out by the folks at YouTube and WebinarJam and training should flow more smoothly by the second week of November.

The technology changes and updates are really exciting – even though glitchy at times. We used to have to do live training by having house cleaners book airline tickets and hotel rooms, take time off work and fly across the country for the training we can now offer online while you’re at home in your pajamas eating pizza. Glitchy? Yeah, at times.

Worth it? Without a doubt. And it’s only getting better.

Thanks for your patience and support while we grow.

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