Course Collaboration

BD4 Course Collaboration

4) Course Collaboration

Example of Collaborative Course

This is for companies who have software or an app that will benefit cleaning business owners. The training is a collaborative agreement with Savvy Cleaner. We will create for you a training program showing cleaning business owners step-by-step how to sign up, set up, and use your software on a daily basis. 

Step 1# We will set up the course, format it, add licensed graphics and images, add engagements for course completion, etc.

Step 2# You fill in the gaps with your existing training videos or expertise.

Step 3# We make it available in our learning library to all paid members. | You can make it available to all your users.

As a Savvy Cleaner Partner, your course lives in our training hub as a resource to our entire network of cleaning business owners.

Best Fit:

PRODUCTS: Vacuums, Mops, Steamers, Brushes, Cleaning Chemicals, PPE, Aprons, Cloths, Sponges, etc.

APPS & SOFTWARE: Insurance, loans, credit, trademarks, taxes, document writing, ad copy, advertising, bidding software, scheduling, web development, SEO, reputation management, hiring, recruiting, leadership, etc.


  • Verification Programs
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Cleaning Coaching / Cleaning Training

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