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BD12 Links in Show Notes

12) Resource Link in Show Notes of YouTube/Livestreams/Shorts

  • In every YouTube show, podcast or blog we link back to resources that will help our audience based on the topic of the day.
  • We reserve the right to choose which episode your links go in. We do this for a better user experience for our viewers/listeners and for better results for you.
  • Your links are included in both the podcast and video versions of the show(s) we choose. 
  • See examples of resource links below the words SHOW MORE in all of our videos and podcasts.

Best Fit:

Vacuums, Mops, Steamers, Brushes, Cleaning Chemicals, PPE, Aprons, Cloths, Sponges, etc.


  • Insurance
  • Verification Programs
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Cleaning Coaching / Cleaning Training / Courses


* All links MUST be approved before placement and randomly checked for redirection after link connection.
If at any time an approved link is swapped for something unrelated by the owner of the link it may be removed without a refund.

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* Prices go up each month on the 1st to reflect new market exposure.

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* All Packages Purchased include a Coverage book to track your influencer exposure

  • No resource links have been added yet

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