#24 Shoppable Shorts with Angela Brown

BD24 Shoppable Shorts

24) Shoppable Shorts | Amazon Influencer Program

Here's an example of shoppable shorts and how they are connected to your brand.

  • Shoppable Shorts are In

    Sell to Cleaners, Maids, BnB Hosts, and DIY Cleaners

    The Amazon Influencer program allows us to create shoppable videos and connect them to your products on their platform. These videos average 1-2 minutes in length and show Angela Brown interacting with your product.

    What do you want house cleaners and maids to know about your product that would make them want to buy? 

    Let us help you connect your product to our audience.


    All Shorts Are:

    • All shoppable shorts are linked to your product or service.
    • All are SEO-rich with keywords, descriptions & FTC disclaimers
    • All are family-friendly & G Rated
    • All are targeted to Savvy Cleaners
    • Your shoppable short lives forever on our store page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/angelabrown

    Audiences are responding better to shorts that don't sound like sales pitches.

    We are presenting products in videos that share a "pro cleaning tip" using your product or service. 

Best Fit:

Vacuums, Mops, Steamers, Brushes, Cleaning Chemicals, PPE, Aprons, Cloths, Sponges, etc.


  • Insurance
  • Verification Programs
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Cleaning Coaching / Cleaning Training / Courses

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